What Is Email Marketing and How It Helps?

Generating leads is critical for driving business and increasing revenues. Several marketing strategies can help your business effectively in improving your visibility and reach to generate leads that can be converted into deals. One of the cost-effective marketing tactics that can be and must be used by businesses of all types and sizes is email marketing. According to branding services experts, email marketing can successfully promote your products/services and incentivize customer loyalty.

If you are wondering what email marketing is all about; email marketing is a profitable direct marketing channel and is a crucial aspect of digital marketing strategy. With email marketing, you can make your customers aware of new products, services, discounts and other promotional offers with just an email and keep them engaged between purchases to retain them for a long time with your brand. Branding services agencies vouch for email marketing as one of the best marketing strategies as it can help you with brand awareness, lead generation, and customer engagement; all from the place, you are at. You can do email marketing with your email subscribers or contacts who have signed up to receive email communication from you. To better understand email marketing, you must know the different types of marketing emails that can be used for distinct purposes.

Types of email marketing

  • Promotional emails: These are email marketing campaigns used to promote special offers, new launches, webinars, etc. To make the best use of these emails, branding services agencies insist on including a clear call-to-action (CTA) which persuades the readers to take a specific action you want them to take. The action could be making them visit your website or make a purchase. This type of email is used on a need basis whenever the business has a requirement.
  • Welcome emails: To push your leads closer to buying your products/services, you can nurture your subscribers with welcome emails that offer a personal touch of your organization without a sales pitch. According to the branding consultants, these emails are good to build relationships with your subscribers by illustrating your industry knowledge and expertise to lay a path for future communication.
  • Transactional emails: These emails are triggered by specific actions of your contacts that they have taken and are required to enable them to complete the action. These can also be used to communicate order information, shipment information and other details to your customers when they transact with you.
  • Informational emails: As the name suggests, these emails are used to communicate important information with your subscribers. These can be further categorized as newsletters and announcements. Newsletters are usually sent per a schedule such as weekly, monthly, etc. to maintain a consistent connection with the subscribers. Newsletters need not be restricted to sharing news; they can be equally well used to share tips, thoughts, and insights that might be of the customers’ interest and add value. Further, informational emails can be used to announce something valuable to the subscribers, whether a new release, changes to terms of services, etc.

Apart from these emails that you can send to your contacts in your database, you can send sponsorship emails to reach a distinct audience and generate leads. However, while all other emails can be sent without payment, for sponsorship emails, you need to pay the vendor of the email in which you can include your copy.

Email marketing isn’t new and yet it is relevant even today and widely used as a marketing strategy. To understand how to use it to widen your reach and increase leads, consult Accuprosys, the best branding services agency in Hyderabad.