Weird Business Lawsuits You May Never Have Heard Of

You might be serving the best product, dishing out your best services. But are you sure you are immune to lawsuits? Think again.A cup of HOT coffee is enough to bog you down into a $2.7 million lawsuit – like it did for McDonald’s!

Hey McD, Your Coffee’s Too Hot.

McDonald’s found itself in hot waters (hot coffee rather!) when a 79 year old woman bought coffee from its drive through. While her grandson was behind the wheel, she placed the cup between her knees and pulled its lid towards her, spilling the coffee in her lap. What she did next was McDonald’s nightmare. She sued it for negligence claiming the coffee was “TOO HOT TO BE SAFE”! And more unbelievably, the jury actually held the fast food joint as being 80% responsible. The woman was awarded $160,000 in compensatory damages and $2.7 million in punitive damages. The two parties however agreed to settle the matter out of court, costing the firm around $600,000.

Mowing More Than Just the Lawn

In another bizarre lawsuit, a man from Mississippi filed a lawsuit against a lawnmower manufacturer, Husqvarna Professional Products Inc., and its engine manufacturer –KawasakiMotors Corp. U.S.A.Apparently, the lawnmower ran over him when he jumped from it to avoid a swarm of yellow jackets stinging him. The lawnmower’s blades severed his kneecap and cut his legs. He claimed that the cut-off switch designed to shut down the lawnmower’s motor when the rider leaves the seat failed, cutting more than just grass for both the man and the company!

Tell Me the Weather ‘n You Are Sued

An Israeli woman sued a TV station for making an inaccurate weather prediction. According to her, the channel had predicted good weather because of which she dressed lightly. Unfortunately for the TV station, it rained that day, messing up her health, resulting in her catching the flu along with medication costs and loss of a week’s work. Plus stress. She sued the channel for $1000. Surprisingly, she WON the case!

Women Out of a Beer Can

Anheuser-Busch, producer of the Budweiser beer, was sued by a man in Michigan who accused it of false advertising. The company ran a series of ads showing two beautiful womencoming to life in front of two truck drivers drinking the beer. Obviously, the man had no such experience and he sued the company for making false ads! Sanely, his lawsuit was dismissed by court and the man didn’t see his $10,000claim materialize either.

Knife Sandwich Anyone?

Subway was suedby a New Yorker for being served a knife in his sandwich. The man found a 7-inch knife that was baked into the bread of his sandwich. He did not swallow it and neither did it cut him. He filed a million dollar lawsuit against Subway for severe stomach issues that lasted for three hours. He claimed that it was caused by food poisoning from the knife’s plastic handle, which according to him was ‘filthy’. He finally agreed to a $20,000 settlement from Subway.