Website Redesign – What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

A website can be considered the face of your business online and it forms the foundation for your digital identity. It’s important that you have an engaging and impressive website to make a robust presence of your business in today’s digital world. A website consists of two components: the backend – the code that drives the website and the frontend which determines the appearance of the website. Per the IT consultants, both components play a critical role in your website’s success and how it works for your business. When either of the components or the whole website in totality is unable to function as expected, you may get your website redesigned by the top web design companies.

What Is Website Redesign?

A website redesign is a complete process that revamps your site. You can get your website redesigned for any or both of the front end and back end of your website. It is well understood that a poorly designed website impacts your conversions and sales negatively. To counter such impact it becomes imperative to overhaul your website so that it becomes usable, offers security to its users, and is search engine optimized for better results.

A website redesign involves a high-level overhaul that may include changing elements related to the code, content, and structure of your website. This is required to better serve your visitors by improving user experience, reducing bounce rates, and boosting revenues. To do this, you will need to consult good creative website designing services companies.

Why Do You Need to Redesign?

Businesses can get their websites revamped for various reasons. Some of the major reasons that prompt a website redesign are listed here.

  • Go for rebranding: The most common and major factor that results in the need for a website redesign is the decision to rebrand a business. A company may want to change the perception of the company with its rebranding strategy for various business reasons including establishing a unique brand voice, implementing merger decisions, accommodating new products/services, reviving lost brand identity, etc. Redesigning your website becomes essential when you’re going for rebranding.
  • Launch of new product/service: Whenever you include new products or services in your basket, it becomes necessary to redesign your website to accommodate the new products, services or features.
  • Add greater functionality: Improving the functionality of your present website by adding new functionalities also requires an overhaul of your website.
  • Improve SEO: If your website has graphics without alternative text, uses irrelevant keywords or has poorly used HTML tags; to make your website better optimized for search engines and improve your site performance, you may get your website redesigned by the best web design services providers.

In case you want to redesign your website, you should spend considerable time in the research process as to what is working in your present website and what isn’t. You should be able to identify your most valuable pages right now and what pages and elements are effective for you. You should identify your visitors and why they are coming to your website and if their purpose is being served or not. You must be clear about what you want to achieve with the redesign and how you will measure the success of the redesign. To get a clear idea of all these aspects and redesign your website to bring success to your business, consult Accuprosys, the creative website designing services company in Hyderabad.