Top Five Workplaces In India And What’s Great About Them

It’s a great place to work man. I love my job. If all employees send these vibes at a workplace then it’d definitely be heaven on Earth, of sorts! After all, research suggests that organizations that are great places to work for see better financial success and exceed standard market indices by up to a factor of 4. Such workplaces also witness better customer satisfaction. It’s a win-win situation for employees as well as companies.A great workplace is one which offers roles that aid development, nurture learning and is challenging and motivating at the same time.The annual BT-PeopleStrong Survey in association with published its top workplaces in India (2014) list last week. As always, Google’s on top. The survey is based on ratings of six criteria: financial compensation, career growth prospects, performance evaluation, stability, work-life balance, and other HR practices. Listed here are the top five companies and what’s great about them, so you can take cues from their work culture.

1. Google India (Index Score – 100)Google is called the “cool workplace” where employees can follow their passion. It tops in all the six parameters. According to Kris Lakshmikanth, Managing Director and CEO, The Headhunters India, “The fact that Google employs the brightest people, the fact that it pays well and has the best working atmosphere is known out there”. Google is the best place to “work and play”, say its employees.Google lets its software engineers design their own workstations and desks (even if they turn out looking like huge toys with a treadmill attached, or as refugee camps)! Lavish perks aside, Google sure knows its way around getting work done by its employees.

2. Accenture (Index Score – 99.5)Ranking second in the list, Accenture scores high in the following parameters: work life balance, career growth prospects, stability, performance evaluation and HR practices. It has always been a leader in workplace flexibility and talent development. The company has a strong mentoring program and career counselors who review and coach managers. It also has employee resource groups for work-life balance, wellness, etc.

3. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) (Index Score – 82.14) Although TCS ranked first last year, it has now slid to the third spot. The company ranks high in three parameters: HR practices, performance evaluation and stability. Its key objective is to keep employees happy and productive. The company has the lowest attrition rates (at 12.8%) in the sector.


4. Infosys Technologies (Index Score – 69.5)The company is admired for its management practices and mentoring. It is rated high for the following parameters: stability, performance evaluation, and career growth prospects. The company supports culture, arts and sports and has its own art gallery that displays works of art by Infoscions!


5. Larsen & Toubro (Index Score – 65.82)The only non-IT company in the top 5 list, Larsen & Toubro jumped up five ranks from its last year’s tenth position. It prefers grooming leaders within the organization because of its stringent quality requirements in construction and heavy engineering. It encourages entrepreneurial skills among employees and promotes employee participation by inviting suggestions. Employees enjoy autonomy in operations.Why a majority of the companies in the Top Places to Work List are IT companies is still an unanswered question. The takeaway message from this, however, is that employees need perks (if not as lavish as Google), motivation, career growth prospects and great mentoring at the workplace. Happy employees spread the cheer around the organization, spread positive word of mouth about their workplace and promote the company’s products and services.Do write in the comments below if you know any fun facts about the work culture of any organization!

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