Top Five Facility Management Software You Can Swear By

Call it computer-aided facility management (CAFM), enterprise asset management (EAM), computerized maintenance management software (CMMS), or integrated workplace management systems (IWMS), when Information Technology comes to the rescue of something as tangible as facility management, you get a ‘facility management software’. Facility management is defined by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) as a “profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology”. By implementing a well-designed facility management system, organizations can reduce their expenditure on maintenance of facilities, enhance the pace of their daily operations and improve information flow across their departments.

Facility management software allows organizations to track and create work orders for maintenance related activities. It also enables the tracking and management of an organization’s assets, helps in optimizing the use of physical space in office buildings, and assists in maintaining low moving costs by identifying the least disruptive and efficient process for moving. With so many facility management softwares competing in the market, it’s hard to choose the right one. To make the selection easier, here’s a lowdown on the top five facility management softwares you can swear by.


1. Facility Works CMMS/Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software by Cyber Metrics

This software is available in both hosted and desktop server versions. It is popular among large scale companies in the manufacturing sector. The software boasts a user base of over 12,000 organizations. It is designed to increase productivity, minimize costs, enhance asset up time, assure compliance with standards, and optimize inventory. You can analyze, track and receive documented reports on everything related to your facility, be it assets, procedures, work orders, PM schedules, or service requests at one or more facilities across the world!

2. HippoFM CMMS Software by HippoFM

HippoFM has a quirky tagline – ‘Maintain your head above water’. Funny? Yes! But it sure fits the requirement of every organization! In that respect, HippoFM has nailed it. And so has its software – HippoFM CMMS. This facility management solution is one of the most robust ones available. It is most popular among organizations related to hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, banking, retail and property management. The software is user-friendly with a customizable user interface and has excellent client support.

3. Maintenance Edge by Facility Dude

Maintenance Edge by Facility Dude is an affordable and comprehensive web-based facility management solution used widely by government, club, and healthcare facilities. It is also used by various other organizations across the industry. It has an integrated suite that helps cut costs, enhance the management of daily core operations and improve work efficiency.

4. eMaint X3 by eMaint Enterprises


eMaint X3 is a web-based CMMS software that is budget friendly, easy to use and flexible. Its reporting features are worth praising. The software has found utility in a number of large and small scale organizations across diverse industrial sectors including manufacturing, health care and real estate. eMaint X3 is highly customizable and can be accessed on multiple devices and across multiple locations.

5. Proteus CMMS by Eagle Technology


Proteus CMMS is another great web-based CMMS software whose products range from entry level editions to enterprise editions. These come with various optional modules for added functionality. The software finds utility in diverse organizations such as those related to healthcare, automotives, education, manufacturing and food processing. It has significantly good customizability options and is very user friendly.

While choosing a facility management software for your organization, find out its customizability options, features related to tracking, monitoring and reporting, its ability to transcend across multiple device platforms such as phones and desktops, and its ease of application across single or multiple facilities – whether they are located within a country or across the globe. Tally the software features with the requirements of your organizations to zero in on the best fit.