Tips to Build a High-Converting Landing Page

Landing Page
Landing Pages

A landing page is a great driver of traffic that boosts SEO and helps in brand development. Effective landing pages are essential to lead customers and potential customers to a specific product or service thereby encouraging them to take the desired action. Although landing pages are time-consuming they are an indispensable part of marketing, especially in lead generating efforts. With proper IT support, companies can build effective landing pages that aid high-conversions. It is not possible to design a landing page that suits every kind of need. There is no one-size-fits-all formula that can be used to create landing pages because there is an immense disparity among the various factors influencing the success of a landing page such as audience, purpose, industry, value proposition, etc.  Here are some tips from top IT consulting firms to build high-converting landing pages.

  1. Striking headline: Whether it is a newspaper article or a web page, what interests and pulls the audience is a killer headline. A striking headline compels visitors to stay on and explore what is being offered. IT consultants should take note that if a landing page has an interesting headline that complements the image that describes the product or service, much work is eliminated in creating the rest of the content for the landing page. It is suggested to have headlines that are short and crisp preferably limited to 10 words but can extend up to a maximum of 20 words.
  2. Organized design: What a customer sees has a great impact on the number of conversions. IT consulting firms insist on designing a landing page that is simple and organized facilitating the conversion process. All the elements used in a landing page should work towards the conversion objective which means smart color combinations with attractive images should be used in the design of a landing page giving it an organized look.
  3. Minimalistic design: One thing that helps in building an effective landing page is its minimalistic design. A clutter-free landing page with a minimal design facilitates natural and easy navigation because it doesn’t have any distractions. IT consultants should include only the highly-essential information above the fold while designing the landing pages that makes it easy for the customers to scan through the information and drives them to go further and take the desired action.
  4. Mobile-friendly design: IT consulting firms insist that a landing page should be mobile-friendly as a majority of the internet users these days use mobile devices for various purposes and they do not spare much time to log into a desktop. If a landing page is not optimized for mobile devices, there is a risk of losing a considerable chunk of potential customers.
  5. SEO optimization: It is important that landing pages are optimized for search engines to increase the chances of finding the landing page on the search engine results page with ease. This can be done by using relevant keywords in the page’s web address, headlines and the content.
  6. Include relevant images: Including relevant images on the landing page makes the page more engaging and drives conversion. Although stock images can be used, there is nothing more interesting and powerful than a genuine and real image.

Optimizing landing pages is a great way to increase marketing campaign effectiveness and maximize ROI. Following the above-mentioned tips will enhance visibility and increase conversion through landing pages effectively.