Tackle the Privacy Concerns in Web Forms

Websites are incorporated with forms that ask for users’ data that is aimed at creating leads and conversions. Although these forms serve a useful purpose for the businesses, the website users many times find them to be crossing their privacy lines. Many users of the internet these days are questioning the need for these forms and the purposes this data is used for. Users are fighting against unwanted emails and ads that crop up every now and then due to the information provided in web forms. This is where the demand for web design services that design and build interfaces with ethics and respect is increasing rapidly.

Whether we notice or not, many internet users feel that websites these days have become distracting and invasive with their boring pop-ups, irritating blinking ads, push notifications etc. In this scenario, website owners are looking for web development services that can provide web designs that can assure trust and loyalty to the users through the best user interface and user experience. To understand better, let us take a look at some of the common privacy issues website users are usually worried about and designers need to focus on.

Most website users find these irksome – tracking and evaluating of the user preferences; irritating and distracting advertising in apps or on websites; being target of commercial and political messages; unsolicited emails and notifications; revealing personal preferences to third parties; complexity in deleting personal details or account; providing ID proofs; hidden costs that are not mentioned clearly before; revealing search history to others; revealing private info, messages, and emails to public etc.

Considering all these, web designers should be able to design interfaces that eliminate and relieve the users from these annoying issues. Website owners and website development services providers must agree on the fact that there is a very fine line between practices followed to keep the visitors hooked and misusing their privacy. According to the top web designers, one of the best practices to protect the privacy of the website users is to skip optional input fields in the web forms and seek only information that is business relevant. A few other things that can be considered while designing web forms are checking if fields like gender, age, shipping address are an absolute necessity or not for the form. For some websites or forms, these are relevant and for some others not. It is observed that many users get irked when asked about their title, gender, age, birthday, contact number, photo, bank details, passport details etc.

Although, it is rare that a user would exit a website just because of a query regarding gender or age; multiple irrelevant and inappropriate questions that irritate a visitor raise doubts and it is on the part of the website designers to provide clarity to users and give them a distraction and disturbance free user experience.

The website users have every right to get clarity on what data they are providing to the website and how it would be used. So, while designing the website it has to be ensured that the reason why private data is being collected is explained clearly and if required providing a way out is also a good practice. Asking for precisely what is needed and nothing more is the best practice followed at Accuprosys, one of the best web design companies in Hyderabad.

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