Social Media Recruitment and its Advantages

Social Media Recruitment
Social Media Recruitment

Recruitment is one of the key functions for every organization’s HR department that helps it procure a productive and efficient workforce for the organization. There are several ways HR consultants can hire candidates and although the conventional methods of hiring bring the best candidates, if the online recruitment method is ignored, there is a risk of losing out on potential candidates who are more connected on the social media.

HR consulting firms say online recruiting is a great way to identify the crème of quality candidates through social media where people communicate and share their thoughts with like-minded people. According to the human resources consultancy firms, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. offer a fabulous opportunity to identify and connect with candidates who meet the required criteria. There are many benefits of using the social media platform for recruitments.

  • Identify candidates not found through conventional methods. Per HR consultants, social media recruitment is the best way to identify the passive candidates who are not necessarily on the hunt for a new job but may be suitable for the vacant positions.
  • Through social media accounts, HR professionals can get resume details of potential candidates without asking for their actual resumes. On the social media accounts, you can view a candidate’s profile and get to know their entire educational and occupational history and assess his/her suitability for a vacancy.
  • On social media people share their likes and dislikes. So, according to experts from HR consulting firms, you can know if a person is passionate about his/her work or not and if that person will be appropriate for the vacant position.
  • Social media also helps in analyzing if a potential candidate will be a cultural fit or misfit in the organization because you get to a know a person’s hobbies and interests thereby giving a clue about his/her personality.
  • Social media recruiting is cost-effective as it is free unless you opt for paid campaigns.

To leverage information technology and online recruiting, every company needs to develop a unique social media recruiting strategy by creating an account for the company, participating in the right conversations, promoting the company’s culture, and joining relevant niche networks. For more information and support on any kind of recruitment processes reach us at Accuprosys, one of the leading human resources consultancy firms in Hyderabad.