Pros and Cons of Building a Customized Payment Gateway

In the world that is seeing an explosion of e-commerce, there is an increased demand for payment gateways also. Although there are multiple payment gateways available in the market, businesses show an interest in a customized payment gateway that suits their needs the best. There are various costs that go into the creation of one’s own payment gateway and they are usually much higher than that of using the services of an external provider. IT consultants tell businesses to understand this well and then invest in a customized payment gateway that is an excellent long-term investment for the business. Businesses should also understand the fact that there are always both pros and cons of creating a customized payment gateway.

According to the IT consultants, a payment gateway should enable accepting payments quickly, easily and most importantly safely. The vital feature of a payment gateway is the security it offers to its customers’ information and money when they transact which is the key to customers’ trust in the business and transactions. Here are some of the significant pros and cons of creating customized payment gateways.


Cost: The advantage is that, with proper IT support, the businesses can save on the high sign-up cost and recurring fee associated with every transaction when third-party payment gateway is used that takes away a large chunk of the profits.

Features: When a business hires services of third-party payment gateways, it is restricted by the limited features it offers. A customized payment gateway created by experienced and proficient IT support and managed services firm facilitates business to add new and customized features as per the growing business needs.
Offer products: Businesses having own payment gateway can offer it as a product to other merchants and agents.


Building an own payment gateway requires huge investments in the form of development and maintenance costs. However, this investment is a long-term investment of the business that facilitates optimizing the payment gateway to meet its specific needs.

Nothing comes for free and adding the customized features requires additional investments as and when required.
Payment gateways need to be integrated with payment processors and it is a time-consuming process. They also need to get certified which is also a lengthy and time-taking process.

After judicious thinking, businesses should decide if they need their own payment gateway. If you want to own one for your business, consult the experts at Accuprosys, one of the top IT support and managed services providers who can build a customized payment gateway considering the growing business needs.