Payroll Best Practices that Will Help You

Payroll Best Practices

Payroll is a process that consumes more than a third of the HR department’s activities and time on an average and when the process is inefficient, the HR department can lose several hours of its productivity to the process. According to the top human resources consultancy experts, several small businesses pay penalties in the form of attrition and employee grievances when they do not have an efficient payroll process in place.  At the same time, although large organizations have a robust payroll process they too have a possibility of encountering certain issues when their processes are deviating from the best practices. The best HR consulting firms suggest that to avoid such issues, it is essential that all organizations regardless of their size and operations implement payroll best practices in their organizations.

  • Involve employees – HR consultancy services experts opine that involving employees in payroll processing will help improve efficiency. The question is how to involve employees. You should communicate frequently with your employees to identify areas of confusion or grievances and ensure that they are addressed timely to keep your employees feel valued and satisfied. You may delegate attendance tracking tasks to each department and ask the respective department heads to communicate accurate attendance sheets on a timely basis.
  • Develop transparent policies – You should develop robust payroll and leave policies and implement them transparently. Many times, employees don’t understand the organization’s policies clearly or the policies are not communicated appropriately. These kinds of issues lead to confusion or misunderstanding among employees and may result in the employees being dissatisfied with the organization and its policies. The best hr consulting firms always insist on communicating the policies efficiently and implementing them transparently so that the employees understand why their payslip has deductions and what they correspond to.
  • Perform regular audits – You should know that there is something wrong in your payroll system or it is not functioning well up to the organizational needs when you are faced with frequent complaints from your employees regarding their pay. Per the human resources consultancy experts an efficient way to tackle this issue is, conducting regular audits to identify and address potential payroll issues by analyzing the workflow in detail. When you identify a payroll issue’s origination, you are in a much better position to resolve it with ease.
  • Implement software – Processing payroll manually can cause some common inefficiencies and it always has the risk of delayed payroll release in the absence of the HR professional in charge of the process. One of the best possible ways to counter this issue is by implementing effective payroll management software and training your people to use it efficiently.
  • Outsource process – Although adopting effective payroll software is a good choice, it may not be feasible for small business owners due to the inability to pump in funds for the implementation or due to the lack of trained personnel. In such cases, outsourcing either the whole payroll process or specific aspects of the payroll process to the best HR consulting firms is the most effective option in addressing payroll issues.

Listed above are some of the best practices and simple ways to improve your organization’s payroll efficiency. With these practices, you can improve your HR department’s efficiency and productivity that will lead to increased satisfaction among employees due to accurate and timely payroll release that is one of the most important criteria for employees’ retention.

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