Why should you outsource your HR function?

HR is a critical function and most companies handled it in-house. Most HR departments act as a one-stop-shop for employees with concerns that need to be addressed right from benefits to hiring, training, complaints, colleagues, etc. The only department that handles recruitment, retention and termination. Now, this is all changing very rapidly. Presently, about 50 percent of large companies outsource the entire or at least a part of their HR needs.

Now, the first thing that comes to our mind is why? Is it a welcome change? In today’s times it difficult to classify it as welcome or unwelcome coz one size doesn’t fit all! The idea is to formulate a strategy that works best for you!

Depending on the volume of your HR functions and the size of your business, there may be various reasons to convince you that outsourcing is totally worth your time and money. You may want to stop and notice if there is a drop in your team’s productivity coz they have to extend their work schedule to fit in the gazillion tasks. If such is the case, have no doubts that HR outsourcing would ensure huge benefits! Accuprosys HR services can be a real-time partner for a business of any size thus ensuring actual impact at the bottom level! Let us see how HR out sourcing can benefit an organization.

Top 5 reasons most companies are turning over to HR outsource:

1) Focus on core competencies:
Although HR function does not directly contribute in product development, it definitely consumes a whole lot of time and energy channelization. A good HR department aims for and works towards continuous innovation. Outsourcing the HR functions would help most companies to focus on their core competencies.


2) Saves money:
Hiring and running a top-class and efficient HR department doesn’t come easy. It will cost money – a lot of it! This is one very important benefit outsourcing can provide. One it saves money and it helps hire experienced specialists whom they may never be able to afford otherwise coz it would cost a fortune to bring them on-board permanently.

3) Takes compliance off load:
Oh! Those numerous compliances and regulations that an organization is out through – Difficult to keep track isn’t it? Talk about lawsuits for sexual harassment, wrongful termination, safety violations, etc. Pass on these burdens to the expert through outsourcing!

4) Better recruitment:
When recruiting top talent, organizations may actually have hiccups as it takes efforts and is an art in itself. It makes sense in outsourcing these critical recruitments rather than depending on in-house team as it is likely to be an inefficient and time consuming task.

5) Updated tools and technology:
The very latest technology, such as big-data mining, analytics, virtual workforce leadership, cloud technology and social media are a cake walk for expert HR-services supplier. They will aptly be able to use the right blend to crack the specific organizational needs and objectives.

Although the above are the benefits of out-sourcing, its important to bear in mind that it has its own shortcomings. First and foremost, this means you are a very important aspect of your organizational success outward. This may bring up conflicting issues between the two. It’s of paramount importance that you find the right and amicable partners. Ensure you do your due diligence right!

Outsourcing is a sure fire way to totally amplify your organization performance by making the functions of your organization leaner, much more adaptive, profitable and smarter. However, it all depends on how carefully you choose your partner.

This decision has to be made with lot of foresight and understanding of how things will move forward.

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