Make Way for Growth with Training & Development

In this ever-changing business world, it becomes mandatory for all the working people to keep updating and upgrading themselves with the latest developments in the world in general and in the industry in specific. People who are averse to change and development, stagnate their careers. For any business to succeed in its chosen path, it requires employees who are open to change and who can quickly adapt to the new trends. Not all employees are good at adapting to changes and require some push from employers. This is where training and development, one of the key functions of human resources, plays a significant role. Some small businesses may not be able to afford an HR department to handle the various human resources functions. Such businesses can gain from HR consulting firms who have professionals to handle all the HR functions.

Training and Development: This is a key organizational activity that facilitates better job performance and involves improving skills and attitude of employees When is the need for training & development? When there is a deviation of actual performance from the standards set, an employer has to concentrate on the training and development of employees. HR management consulting professionals can identify an organization’s training and development needs with their expertise in the field.

Training vs. Development: Training refers to contribution towards the enhancement of specific skills. Some level of formal education is a pre-requisite for training. The main focus in training is on the job the employee holds at that time. The primary goal here is to improve performance and this can be seen in the short term. Training is usually required to mitigate skill deficiency. HR consultancy services are adept at identifying the areas where employees need training and developing appropriate programs.

Development refers to long-term endeavors that provide learning opportunities and facilitate employee growth. Unlike training, it is not skill oriented and provides overall growth in terms of general knowledge and attitude that play a key role in deciding capabilities to handle higher positions. Development is ambition driven and mostly personal choice.

Development is a wider concept with the focus on personality development and may include training where necessary. However, training need not include development as it is aimed at maximizing efficiency and performance with respect to the current job.

Organizations should understand the importance of training and development in their overall growth and hire HR management consulting firms for these reasons:

  • Helps in identifying and removing deficiencies related to performance
  • Increased efficiency results in reduced wastage of resources in terms of manpower, time and finances
  • Improvement in skills and overall development of employees helps as source of recruitment
  • Investments made in the training and development of employees work for the betterment of the organization in the long run.
  • Employees have job satisfaction and this minimizes dissatisfaction and complaints among employees

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