Know the Types of Logos and When to Use Them

Every business that wants a unique identity and wants to create a lasting impression on its customers must create an impressive logo. Your logo distinguishes you from the competition and facilitates brand loyalty and recognition among the public for a long time. Creating such an impactful logo requires an investment of considerable time and other resources and you might probably need to hire a branding services agency that can understand your brand story and design a logo that conveys it effectively and impressively with a simple yet elegant logo. For the newbies in the business, it could be overwhelming to understand the different types of logos and which one they should choose for their business. Here we shall discuss the various types of logos and when to use them.

  • Brand marks: Also called pictorial marks, brand marks are logos designed with a graphic symbol or icon. Usually, such symbols or icons represent a real-world object and are simple. The major advantages of such a logo are that it’s easy to remember and its simple design aspect works well when resizing the logo across various branding and marketing collateral. 
    • You can use a brand mark if your business does exceptionally well in one specific aspect and you can represent that by an image. Also, per the branding consultants, you can use this type of logo when your brand name means or represents a real-world object. For example, the Apple brand can be easily represented by an apple, a real-world object.
  • Abstract marks: Similar to a brand mark, an abstract logo mark consists of a symbol. However, this symbol need not represent a real-world object and can be designed to represent some aspect of your business. Since the symbol doesn’t need to mimic a real-world object, you can get creative with your symbol and tell what you want to tell about your company through the logo by hiring the best branding services experts. Some popular companies with logos of this type are Pepsi and Microsoft. 
    • This type of logo is beneficial for businesses that do several distinct things or want to communicate the brand values of the organization.  
  • Mascots: These types of logos use images of a person or character that can suitably and visually represent your business. Mascots give your audience a warm and friendly feeling making your logo and brand distinctly memorable. And the huge benefit of such logos is that kids recognize and identify with such logos more than anything else. 
    • Mascot logos work well for brands that want to cater to children or that are in the food business, such as Kellogg’s and KFC. 
  • Wordmarks: A wordmark logo is a company name set in a specific style and font. It consists of text only (company name, monogram or initials). According to the top branding consultants, the biggest advantage of such a logo is that the viewers of the logo need not guess the company name when they see the logo. Further, such logos are the most versatile and can be easily used on any type of marketing collateral because the design consists of only letters. 
    • You can use this type of logo if you have a catchy business name or your business name says something about what you do. Coca-Cola and Uber are examples of wordmark logos.
  • Letter marks: Also called monograms, these are typography-based logos that are made up of abbreviated initials of a company in a well-designed format such as IBM and LG. Letter marks help people identify your brand effortlessly by turning your lengthy business name into easily communicable acronyms.
    • These can be used when you are just starting a new business and want to get a foothold in the market. These are also preferable to businesses that have lengthy business names that can’t be represented well on all types and sizes of marketing collateral or packaging material. 
  • Letterforms: These are another form of letter marks wherein only one letter is used to represent the company. Branding companies say, such logos are easily scalable and can be easily used across various collateral and spaces. WordPress and McDonald’s are two popular examples of letterform logos.
    • You can use this type if your company name is long and complicated.
  • Emblems: These are logos that are designed with a typeface that sits within a border such as a seal or a crest. Emblem logos are memorable and portray traditionalism and professionalism. 
    • This type can be used when you want to convey that you are reputable or uphold your traditional values. Starbucks and BMW logos are examples of emblem logos.
  • Combination marks: As the name suggests, combination logos comprise both images and words in the design. These can be a combination of your choice – letterform with a mascot, letter mark with an abstract image; and these logos offer you versatility. 
    • These are good for new businesses that want to give their audience multiple cues to recognize them easily. 

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