Key Elements You Must Incorporate in Your E-commerce Web Design

According to studies, global e-commerce sales account for nearly four trillion dollars and it is only expected to grow more. This sums up the role e-commerce is playing in the world and how businesses can benefit from e-commerce. However, it is imperative to know that just having an e-commerce website is not enough to succeed and organizations must ensure that they have a well-designed website that promotes conversions. Per the top web designing companies, here are some key elements that you must incorporate in your e-commerce web design to make it engaging, get loyal clients and make the best use of the website for your business.

  • Use customer names: It is a universal truth that people love their names and being called by their names when being addressed whether orally or in writing. So, when you are asking for personal account registration details or support sign-up, ensure that you ask for the customer’s name. Generally, customers don’t mind sharing their names and they find it easier to share names than share other details and upload a picture. Further, you can use the customer’s name to engage him/her by personalizing the client’s dashboards. This will make the customer feel special and help them come back to you. But, remember; don’t overuse the customer’s name.
  • Showcase best products: E-commerce web development services experts encourage adding the best and most popular products to the main page to create interest in customers and attract those busy people who don’t have enough time to search for something. Putting the best products on display on your homepage helps them to make the right choices without getting annoyed and exiting the website.
  • Show product collections: Create lists dedicated to a certain occasion or topic that relates to your niche and entices your customers. According to website design services experts, these collections help you rank higher in the search engine results pages. By updating and replacing your collections periodically, you can attract new customers and make old customers return to you because they can find something new and attractive every time they visit your site.
  • Let them zoom in: It’s highly recommended that you add your product images on your website to enable your customers to see what their product looks like. Further, you must also allow them to have a closer look at the product so that they can see the details as they see in an offline store. Incorporating the zoom option for the product images encourages the customers to have a closer look at the product and make an appropriate decision if they want to buy or not. This will not only prompt customers to buy products if they like the zoomed-in product but also reduce complaints and dissatisfaction with buying the wrong products because they choose a product only after carefully seeing it. While you give as much visual information as possible, ensure that you upload high-quality pictures.
  • Give exact shipping & delivery charges details: Ensure that you provide accurate shipping and delivery charges details at prominent and visible places on your website so that customers don’t get frustrated to know that they don’t have a shipping option for their place or it will cost more at the end of the purchase process.
  • Provide contact details: To gain the trust of your customers and make yourself reliable, provide your contact details clearly; in case, customers have any issue with your product or product delivery, they should be able to contact you effortlessly. This will build customers’ trust and loyalty towards you.

According to the top e-commerce web design company professionals, these are the top key elements that help your e-commerce website to gain customer trust and increase revenues for your business. Choose Accuprosys, one of the top web designing companies in Hyderabad, to design your e-commerce website that will help you increase your visitors and thereby your sales.