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One of the essential elements for a successful website is the contact page that helps maintain relationships with the visitors. For many websites such as online businesses, personal websites, magazines and e-commerce websites, the contact page is the first mode of communication between the organization and the web page visitor. But, according to professional website builders, a contact page is the most neglected web page by the website owners and they don’t even consider it an important aspect of the website.

However, it plays an important role in building relationships with customers and visitors. Visitors often visit a website to get in contact with the company’s representatives either to inquire about something or complain about the product or service. Website creation services professionals tell that a good contact page can be advantageous to any type of business. It helps the company convert leads into sales thereby increasing business and improves the customer satisfaction by providing timely services when required. It also facilitates the company to receive valuable feedback from the customers to improve its products or features.

Website owners should not hesitate to hire professional help from custom website builders to build an effective and impressive contact page. There are certain key elements that differentiate a good contact page from a bad one.

Placement: The first thing to be noted as per the professional website builders is that the link to the contact page should be visible enough to the customers or visitors to locate it easily. Even if the website has the best kind of contact page, but is not visible to the visitors, it doesn’t make any good to the website. The most popular and effective places for the link to a contact page are the header and footer of a website. Predicting visitor traffic to the contact page is difficult, so it is a good idea to place the link of the contact page in at least two places.

Language: The contact page name should be easily understandable to all the visitors to enable them to reach the page. “Contact us”, “support”, “help” are some of the common contact page names used by many websites.

Content: According to the website creation services professionals, there are certain essential elements in the contact page content that are to be incorporated. An email address, physical store address if you have one, telephone numbers are the required elements in a contact page. Adding physical store address and telephone adds to the trustworthy factor and helps visitors connect to the business more easily. Social media buttons can also be added to the contact page if the business is providing support through social media.

Contact Forms: Using a contact form on the contact page is a good idea, but custom website builders warn not to make the contact forms complicated and less user-friendly. The contact forms should be as simple as possible and should not waste much of the users’ time.

Support team: Customers who are frustrated or annoyed should be able to find help at their fingertips. Professional website builders suggest that there should be appropriate email or chat support from the support staff round-the-clock so that the customers get a feeling of being important and answered.

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