Accuprosys offers Intellectual Property Law Services, Intellectual Property Rights, Trademark Registration, Design Registration and Copyright Registration Services to Indian clients and as well as abroad clients. IP related services are at most demand because of the dire necessity to protect ones IP from infringements. If ones brand is not protected all the efforts, pains that have been put across to build the business over years will go in vain – If protected effectively the brand might be worth of billions of dollars in the near future.

We are equipped with eminent personalities and attorneys of impeccable track record from the field of Intellectual Property Rights and their allied services. We understand our client requirement in detail before suggesting the options that are available with us in the form of customized packages at affordable costs. Our Services include:

Registration and Renewal of trade/service marks

Accuprosys offers guidance, advisory services and assistance on all intellectual property related matters. Clients availing our services can get their trademark, copyright and patents registered and renewed in a hassle-free manner. We also guide clients on which kind of trademark (registered or unregistered) suits best for their products and services, whether/when should they file for a copyright or a patent, etc.

Trademark Registration and Renewal

A trademark is a symbol, design or word that identifies a product or service. Trademark registration helps protect your brand logos, symbols, or names and give them an exclusive identity. It prevents others from using these for their benefits. Application for a trademark is to be made on form TM-1 at any one of the five Trade Marks Registry offices located at Ahmedabad,Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, andChennai. Accuprosys assists clients in applying for trademarks as well as in renewing them at specific intervals.

Trademark search

To know whether a specific symbol, name or logo is trademark-able, a search can be done in the official Trademark registry. This can be done before filing a trademark application or while designing a logo, name or symbol for a new company. Accuprosys assists clients in trademark search to help them find out if their present or conceptualized logos, names and symbols are trademark-able or not.


Copyright registration is done for works of art, literature and even software. It is the proof that your video, art, book, song, software, etc. is your own. Without the copyright holder’s permission, the copyrighted material cannot be copied by anyone else.We assist clients in getting their copyrights registered and renewed, right from the documentation to the submission.

1.Registration and Renewal of Patents

Patent registration is done for inventions. A patent protects an invention from being exploited by others. Patent registration is done after carrying out a patent search, followed by drafting the patent and then filing the patent. The entire process of patent drafting and filing requires specialized assistance as the patent describes the invention in great technical detail. Accuprosys helps companies and individuals patent their inventions, right from the patent search stage to patent filing.

2.  Preparing legal documents likE MoUs, lease, leave, contracts, license, copyright assignments and trademark assignment, etc.

The preparation of legal documentation for specific IP requirements can be difficult, especially for the uninitiated. Accuprosys assists clients in preparing important documents reliably and accurately so they don’t face IP infringement hassles and false ownership claims in the future.

3. Domain name Disputes

Companies may sometimes find that a domain name which is the same as their company name or product trademark may have been already taken by someone else. If they wish to acquire the domain name, they need to file an application to secure the domain name for themselves. Sometimes, domain name disputes may result in court litigations and fights. Companies may choose to take such disputes to court or settle them out of court. Accuprosys advises and assists clients inhandling domain name disputes in a cost-effective manner.

4.  Infringement

IP infringement may result in massive losses to companies. It is a fundamental right of a company to safeguard the ownership and use of the products and trademarks developed by it.Accuprosys offers advisory services as well as assistance in matters related to IP infringements to help companies secure the ownership of their intellectual property.

5.  Counterfeit Product Investigation/Seizure

Accuprosys assists clients in investigating counterfeit products that may be infringing on their copyrights and trademarks. We take care of all the incumbent procedures and documentations involved in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Guidance and advice are also offered on IP infringement matters to clients.
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