Importance of Placement of Contact Forms

Placement of Contact Forms
Placement of Contact Forms

The internet users have attention spans of less than a couple of seconds and this makes it essential for all the website owners and custom website developers to create the best contact us pages and contact forms to be accessible to the visitors in a matter of seconds. A contact page that typically provides an email address, phone number and communication address is a critical aspect of the online marketing of a business. IT consultants say the failure in providing the information that website viewers want in the form of contact page details and contact forms will lead to losing potential customers within seconds.

Although most of the websites have contact forms, they tend to miss some important aspects of the good positioning of the form which we shall discuss here.

  • Poor positioning – The poor positioning of a contact form will negatively impact the user experience and frustrate a customer or potential customer that results in abandoning the website abruptly. The placement of a contact form is crucial to generate appropriate leads from your website.
  • Importance of fold in web design – A fold in the websites relates to the need of scrolling for visibility. The part of the website that is visible immediately without the need of scrolling is said to be above the fold and anything that isn’t visible without scrolling is considered below the fold. Experts from IT consulting firms tell that although the concept of the fold is taken from newspapers, websites are entirely different from newspapers and hence placing all important things above the fold may backfire in case of websites. Custom website developers should take note that scrolling is natural in websites and the design and content should be designed in such a way that the customer is convinced to spend some time on the website and scroll for the required information.

According to experts, it is found that content below the fold is most viewed in some cases and IT consultants should design their websites keeping in this view and avoid putting all the information above the fold. There is no ‘one size fits all’ formula for the placement of contact forms and web designers should decide the positioning of the contact form taking into consideration the industry, products, and services being offered. Experts suggest placing the contact form below the fold if the product offered by the website is expensive and needs more explanation.

Making the contact page as simple as possible and creating the contact form in such a way that it gives the best user experience is required to make the best use of your website and optimize it for online marketing. Get expert advice and the best IT support for your website needs from Accuprosys.