HR Policies Best Practices for Employers

Every employer should follow certain HR policies and procedures to ensure that they have a good work environment and culture that is healthy and spreads harmony among all the employees. Human resources consultants state that every organization whether it is a small firm or a huge company should have an HR department that drafts HR policies for the organization and ensures that the policies in place are being adhered to properly. Since the HR personnel of an organization has a considerable role in how a company grows, they should be well-informed about the various laws and rules that need to be adhered to, and also frame policies that help in the growth of the business. Per the top HR consulting firms, here listed are some of the elements for HR policies that all employers and HR managers should be aware of and implement in their organizations.

1.Working hours: Every organization should have its rules laid out in policy regarding the working days and the number of working hours every employee should put in. This policy should also include information related to the procedures followed for overtime working, late logins, and break-time in the working hours etc. HR consultants suggest creating a working hour policy complying with the labour laws in India so as to be compliant with the government regulations.

2.Leaves: To complement the policy of working hours, there should be a leave policy too, to regulate the leaves that can be availed by the employees. This must give information regarding the number of leaves allowed annually, holidays approved by the organizations, and national holidays. It should also give clarity on the categorization of leaves into sick leaves, paid leave, unpaid leave etc. so that employees can plan their leaves without losing their hard-earned money.

3.Recruitment: It is essential that every organization has a recruitment policy in place and hires candidates accordingly. Per the human resources consultants, this policy facilitates recruiting candidates who are eligible in a fair manner sans any scope of favoritism on the part of recruiters and provides equal opportunity to everyone.

4.Probation: A probation policy will help the employers in laying out rules regarding the probation period and the assessment procedure to be followed to make the candidate a permanent employee.

5.Performance appraisal: As per the HR consulting services professionals, policy for performance appraisal is one of the most important policies for an organization as it deals with the promotions and hikes in salaries for the employees. This policy helps in giving a fair and equal opportunity to all the employees to grow in the organization with their productivity and performance.

6.Loan: This policy lays down the possibility and rules for giving loans and advances to the employees. Employees feel happy if their financial needs are taken care of by the organization they work for.

7.Travel: This policy includes the criteria for availing travel allowance, the amount that can be availed, documents that need to provided etc. This helps in striking a balance between the employees and the organization in payment issues when employees travel to other places for work purposes.

8.Privacy: This policy helps in making the employees understand that the information to which they have access is confidential and business property, and hence, it should not be revealed or shared with others. It also deals with the measures that can be taken when the rules mentioned are violated.

9.Grievance redressal: It is normal to have issues among employees because each individual is unique and may have different opinions. To avoid disturbances in work and productivity a grievance redressal policy should be in place that discusses the various measures that need to be taken when an employee approaches the management with a grievance.

Is your organization equipped with all these policies? If not, it is time you create and implement these. Accuprosys is one of the best HR consulting firms in Hyderabad that can help you in drafting HR policies for organizations of different setup and structure.

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