How to Create Backlinks that Help SEO?

SEO Backlinks
SEO Backlinks

Backlinks, a crucial part of search engine optimization (SEO), are links that lead a user from an external website or page or to your website or another page on the website. These backlinks are important for brand development because they aid the search bots to crawl and read its content to rank accordingly for the search engine. It is this reason, why every SEO analyst or website owner wants to create as many backlinks as possible and improve the SEO rank for their website. Branding consultants say care should be taken while creating backlinks because they help in drawing the appropriate target audience to your site.  An important aspect while creating backlinks is, knowing what types of backlinks are needed for your business. According to top branding firms, to garner a higher page rank in search engine results, it is necessary to have high-quality external links.

It is found from statistics that over 90% of the top 50 search engine results have at least one quality external link that points to the website. This makes it extremely essential that quality links with useful and actionable content are created. Here are a few strategies to build great quality links for your business.

  • Build links from authority sites: Per the branding consultants, to build high-quality backlinks you should find content that has already performed well and create content that’s much better that. Although this process is not as simple as said yet, the pain is worth the result. When you create content that is multiple times better than the originally popular content, it is shared multiple times and gets backlinks from multiple domains.
  • Build links from obsolete resources: Corporate branding services professionals suggest building links from outdated resources and this can be done by identifying sites that have changed their names, moved to new URLs, etc. From these sites, you should be able to find out websites still linking to these obsolete URLs and suggest them to link to your site. This way also you can build high-quality backlinks.
  • Use preferred content format: It is being observed by branding consultants that websites that provide content in certain types of content formats generate several backlinks. Some of the content formats that get lots of backlinks are list posts, quizzes, puzzles, infographics, and how-to posts.

Website owners should generate backlinks in such a way that they help search engine optimization rather than backfire because backlinks are significant in gaining a high-rank in search engine results and enhancing the brand value.