Get to Know the Basics of PPC

Pay-per-click is an internet marketing model where advertisers pay a fee whenever an internet user clicks on their advertisement. This is a model through which a website gets its visitors through paid advertisements rather than the organic model. There are various things one has to know to optimally use it for one’s business brand development. Let us understand some of the basic concepts regarding pay-per-click advertising.

Among the many forms of PPC, search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms according to the branding development companies. In search engine advertising, search engines like Bing or Google offer pay-per-click advertising on an auction basis and advertisers create ads to show on the search engine results page. In this method, advertisers bid for specific search phrases on which they want to show their ads and these PPC ads appear on the search engine results page above and below the organic search results where the search engines are paid a specific amount every time users click on these ads. According to the branding consultants, PPC advertising campaign’s success depends on a number of factors but it prominently depends on keyword relevance, landing page quality, and quality score.

But, how do these pay-per-click ads work?

In the pay-per-click model, there are 3 parties that are prominent – advertisers, PPC network, and publishers. Advertisers are those businesses or persons who use PPC model to promote their product/services on the internet. These advertisers pay the PPC networks like Google Adwords, Bing Ad, Facebook ads for displaying their ads on these networks. Publishers are website owners who partner with PPC networks so that they can earn some revenue from the display of PPC ads on their websites.

Professional branding services experts explain that when advertisers create PPC campaigns, they have the option of displaying these ads on either the PPC network or their partners. It is a beneficial thing for all the three parties – advertisers, PPC networks, and the publishers to display ads through publishers because in this model advertisers get to display their ads for a lesser price, PPC networks get more money with a wider range of users, and publishers also get a part of the revenue.

How does PPC advertising help a business?

A PPC advertising campaign enables a business to buy a better position on search engine result pages that are relevant to the customers through which the business website can be instantly promoted to the target audience in a much faster pace than the organic search results through search engine optimization methods. However, branding consultants opine that depending only on PPC campaigns will be expensive so, businesses should opt for online marketing campaigns that have a balance of both PPC ads and SEO.

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