For you to perform your core business operations seamlessly, you rely on several support functions and services in your organization. Facility management is the domain that ensures that all these support functions and services are available to you on a timely basis with the right quality and cost-effectively. Facility management is essential to keep your organization running effectively. Accuprosys, one of the best facility management services providers offers reliable and budget-friendly services to help you focus on your core functions relieving you from the stress of facility management.

Why Is Facility Management Important?

According to facility management experts, facility management offers the following benefits:

  • It helps in the planning and smooth functioning of the day-to-day activities of the organization.

  • It helps in maintaining and ensuring the safety of all employees and visitors.

  • It helps in improving the overall efficiency of an organization through efficient maintenance of the facility.


Why Outsource to Facility Management Services?

Outsourcing your facility management task to facility management services firms is a sensible idea for your business when –

  • You are unable to handle the rising maintenance costs. It is observed that in many organizations, the major reasons behind increasing maintenance costs are misuse or under-use of equipment, unnecessary hoarding of inventory, unutilized office rooms, poorly managed maintenance staff, etc.

  • You are unable to track and manage assets well. Not tracking at all or tracking the assets manually will not be a concern until operations are scaled up. However, tracking and managing assets efficiently becomes challenging when expanding your operations.

  • You do not have a skilled workforce to tackle facility management effectively.


Facility Management Services at Accuprosys:

  • Hardware and Networking Services:

The physical parts of a computer and related devices are called computer hardware where internal hardware devices include a hard drive, motherboard, and RAM and external hardware devices include monitors, keyboards, mouse, printers, and scanners. Generally, internal hardware devices are called components and external hardware devices are called peripherals. For any computer to work, it needs both hardware and software wherein the software runs on the computer’s hardware and hence, software programs list certain hardware requirements for the efficient running of the software.

Communication through computers becomes easy only with efficient hardware and networking processes. Networking refers to a pool of computers that are integrated and configured to one another. The chains of nodes linked by communication channels in computer networks work effectively when they receive, transmit and exchange data between endpoints (computer servers, mobile devices, etc.) accurately in the form of voice or video traffic. For networking computers, you would need either wired Ethernet cables or wireless radio waves. With Accuprosys networking services, you can accomplish seamless communication, efficient functioning and excellent resource sharing.

For businesses to run seamlessly and efficiently, they require good hardware equipment along with networking services. Accuprosys offers the best hardware and networking services in Hyderabad. Our services include –

  • Structured cabling: To create an effective workplace with seamless communication, it is important that you choose a structured cabling approach for your cabling infrastructure.

  •  Setting up various types of networking: Our networking services experts perfectly set up network systems.

    • LAN: Built with inexpensive hardware, the local area network (LAN) is cost-effective and is often used to connect a few computers in a building or office and is much useful for small businesses. In this type, computers are connected through communication mediums such as twisted pairs, coaxial cables, etc. The major advantages of this network are that data can be transferred at a great speed and it provides higher security.

    • WAN: A wide area network (WAN) extends over a large geographical area and connects through a telephone line, fibre optic cable or satellite links and hence, is an expensive investment. However, the geographical reach it offers and the benefits of high bandwidth, centralized data, and sharing of software and resources makes it a preferred choice for large businesses that do business globally over the internet.

    • VPN: If the safe transmission of your sensitive data is your concern, our networking services experts can create a virtual private network (VPN) for your business. Due to the encrypted connection over the internet from a device to a network, your data is protected from unauthorized access and allows working remotely.

  • Remote desktop support: To help you with troubleshooting errors, operating support system, installation of required software, antivirus support, upgrades, etc., our hardware and networking services professionals provide you with remote desktop support.

  •  Other support: Our experts can help you with various other support solutions as well that include –

    • Data backup, recovery and transfer

    • Computer annual maintenance services for third-party machines

    • Security audits (network and data security)

    • Troubleshooting hardware and network issues

    • Periodic inspections and status reports

    • Server installation and support


  • Electrical Maintenance Services:

The use of electricity is ubiquitous and you cannot operate without electricity and electrical equipment. For the safety of the employees and visitors and for the operational success of the business, it is imperative to understand how dangerous electricity can be if appropriate safety measures are not implemented and incorporate regular electrical maintenance with the help of experts in the field. Here comes the need for electrical maintenance services firms that have people with the right mix of expertise and experience in tackling electrical system maintenance of different types of buildings and equipment. Our services include –

  • Electrical supply, installation and testing

  • HT and LT wiring

  • Monitoring systems – automation solutions, CCTV and access control systems

  • Operation and maintenance of generator sets

  • Building dedicated earthing systems

  • AMC for control panel boards

  • Repair and maintenance of substations


  • Construction and Interiors:

Office spaces are meant for collaboration among different parties to a business such as the management, employees, clients, partners, vendors and visitors. A functional and aesthetically designed office not only contributes to productivity but also contributes to the company’s value. According to interior design experts, a well-designed and functional workspace helps in attracting and retaining a quality workforce as well. To create such office space, choose Accuprosys’ construction and design services. We assure you that we provide office space services with –

    • High-quality standards

    • Hassle-free experience

    • Timely completion


Our services include –

  • New construction: We build quality spaces considering your present needs and future scaling-up prospects.

  • Renovation: People generally tend to get overwhelmed by the thought of renovation as it involves a lot of problems, expenditure and disruption to the daily routine. Accuprosys has qualified experts in its construction and interior design services team who can efficiently provide problem-free renovation services. We can renovate your existing workspace per your growing needs and changing trends.

  • Interior designing: We can turn your office building into a pleasant workspace with our interior design services that are customized to your unique business needs and your personal preferences. You can get your office space designed by us for your new construction or existing workspace. We ensure that your workspace reflects your organizational values and pleases and inspires all employees and visitors alike.

Facility management service is a support service that contributes to the efficient delivery of organizational goals by providing a safe, comfortable and sustainable work environment daily to everyone concerned. With efficient facility management services in place, you induce a happy and healthy workplace as people working at your organization and visiting it, feel energized and productive.

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