Employee Wellness and Its Importance for an Organization

What is that an employee wants to be happy in his job apart from the salary? A good workplace is an answer. The concept of a good workplace should be a part of every office work culture. But, many organizations don’t know what it is or what its importance is. A good workplace may be understood as one that offers challenging work; has scope for fun; has friendly co-workers and environment and rewards appropriately for the work done. These all elements of good workplace work towards the employee well-being and the organizational well-being according to the human resource consultancy experts.

The wellbeing of all the employees in an organization shows the organizational well-being and impacts an organization’s success. Laying emphasis on the wellness of employees pays great dividends and this can be achieved by having perfect strategies to encourage employees at all levels and recognizing their valuable contributions to the organization’s success. We shall see here few reasons that make employee well-being an important aspect of organizational success.

Wellness of employee affects the performance: Various studies have proved that the emotional and physical health of employees has an impact on the way they perform their jobs. HR consulting firms say that people who are happy in their personal lives and have good health are more likely to be committed to their jobs and perform well. This can be attributed to their ability to handle work pressure and stress related to deadlines. These people not only perform better but also bring positivity to the whole environment.

Results in less absenteeism: Employees who have issues with their health emotionally or physically are more prone to illnesses and fall sick often. Because they can’t take leave often, they work but their productivity levels fall considerably. HR consultants suggest that focusing on employees’ health and bringing in activities that improve their health prove to be profitable in the long run. Healthy employees have less absenteeism and work much harder to reach the organizational goals.

Helps in retaining employees: Human resource consultancy professionals opine that providing a supportive environment to the employees and laying emphasis on their overall well-being helps in retaining employees for a longer time. Working with happy teams and other employee benefits like retirement options and employer contribution towards health insurance plans makes the employees feel that the employer cares for them and this helps in staying with the company for a long time.

HR consultants say that employee well-being is vital to an organization’s success and this is established by many surveys also. The more employees are appreciated at work, the better they feel in their personal lives and vice versa. Partner with Accuprosys, one of the top HR consulting firms in Hyderabad, for assessing and planning your employee wellness programs.