Employee Engagement Strategies to Improve Productivity and Profitability

Improve Productivity

Do your employees feel an emotional attachment towards their work profile, designation, place of work, colleagues and the culture in the organization? If yes, you have a competitive advantage in the form of engaged employees who are being loyal towards your organization and perform to the best of their abilities, increasing the productivity and thereby improving the bottom line. But, if your answer is in negation, you need to introduce measures that improve employee engagement at your organization to ensure that your employees go that extra mile when required and form a part of your organization’s brand. According to HR consultants, employee engagement should begin at the start of an employee’s life cycle, i.e. at the time of recruitment and should continue until the employee quits the organization. Although it is easier for an organization to engage employees who display optimism and hard work; all employees can be brought under the umbrella called employee engagement with certain strategies that are discussed here.

  • Organizational purpose: Living by the organizational vision and mission statements and leading from the front by the senior management of your organization is the most significant part of employee engagement according to experienced professionals from leading HR consulting firms. This will help employees identify and align their growth with that of the organizational goals.
  • Deliberate and regular communication: HR management consulting firms insist that, for proper employee engagement, deliberate and regular communication is a prerequisite. You should ensure that you communicate news to your employees frequently and intentionally rather than them getting to know from other sources. You should make the best use of your HR department and intranet to keep your people in the loop about what’s happening at their workplace. If needed, you can even put up posters at shared spaces in the office where people often meet and catch up with one another.
  • Employee well being: Whatever measures you take to make your employees engaged can become futile if the well being of your employees is not taken care of. Your employees may feel stressed when their well being is not addressed and in cases where employee well being is addressed but they are not engaged, they do not feel connected with the organization. Per the HR consulting firms, organizations should achieve a perfect balance between employee engagement and employee well being, for the lack of either can bring negative results. You should invest in employee well being as a part of employee engagement and promote healthy eating and exercise habits both at the workplace and at home.  See that, working for long hours has not become a routine and people who should be resting at home due to illness are doing so and are not attending work.
  • Feedback and action: Seek your employees’ opinions, ask for their feedback and respond to their views and concerns. HR management consulting firms suggest creating and implementing formal feedback channels to regularly seek and collate employee feedback and act upon them as and when necessary.
  • Recognition of good work: One of the aspects of employee engagement that is the most sought by all employees is recognition of work done by them. To keep your employees positively engaged, recognize and reward your employees’ work at all levels and in a timely manner.

With appropriate employee engagement activities, you can avoid the real damage to your organization’s productivity, profitability and brand value. Consult the best HR consultants to identify gaps and implement appropriate employee engagement activities at your workplace.