E-commerce Web Design Trends You Should Know

E-commerce websites have not remained as the earlier static pages with loads of images; they have evolved into websites that offer dynamic and innovative online shopping experiences satiating the customer needs, wants, and mindsets. The market trends have changed a lot and so have the web design trends for e-commerce websites. Here listed are some of the latest trends in e-commerce web designs per the top web designing companies that can help you stay updated and keep abreast with the competition.

  • Navigation at the center: One of the topmost trends of 2021 in e-commerce web designs is the placement of a navigational menu in the center. Earlier, navigational menus were placed in the header, footer, or to the left or right. Now, the navigational menus are being placed at the center. According to the best web design services experts, along with the placement of the navigational menu, adding branding elements, animation, special fonts or images in the navigational menu will not only enhance the user experience but also take the user deep into the brand’s style and values.

  • Use of web animations: While animations for web pages have been used for cosmetic effects, experts from the best website design companies use these to create an amazing experience for the customers wherein they can zoom in on product details and disassemble products for better product understanding.

  • Filter with fun: For every e-commerce website, an imperative feature that helps customers easily find what they want is the filtering function. Although the filtering feature has been there for a long time, the top e-commerce web designers are now adding a little fun factor to the filtering aspect to make product search entertaining as well.

  • Background with neutral colours: Another significant trend of 2021 for e-commerce web designs is the use of neutral and soothing colours for the background instead of the bold and vibrant colours used earlier. Experts in website designing in Hyderabad explain that neutral colours include a variety of beautiful shades of soft blue, creamy or light yellow, etc.

  • Pop of product cut-outs: Another trend booming this year is taking the product image cut-outs and embedding them on the web page. It gives the look of a creative collage and makes the digital appearance of the brand outstanding. Further, it aids in building the brand recognition of the brand and its products.

  • Use of pastel tones: The best web design services professionals are using pastel tones in their web designs as they perfectly complement neutral background designs. Designers can infuse pastels into the buttons, menus and other navigational elements as well.

  • Multi-directional layouts: To make an e-commerce website stand out in the competitive world multi-directional layouts are being used in the designs that facilitate the users to scroll and move as they like – up and down, forward and backwards, left and right, and diagonally. This makes the e-commerce design appealing and easy to use for the users.

  • Content load: Smart content load is another e-commerce web design trend that helps upload only those graphics and imagery that get loaded quickly relieving the users of the pain of waiting for a long time until the content is loading.

Web designing has evolved a lot in these years and it will in the coming times as well. To make the most of your investment in the e-commerce website and reap the maximum benefits, hire the top web designing companies that can custom design for your needs while incorporating the latest trends in the web design space.