COVID-19 and HR Challenges

COVID-19 and HR Challenges

The sudden onset of the coronavirus disease was not only unexpected but also has also been ruthless on the health and economy of the nations across the world. Due to the crisis and lockdown, a majority of the businesses have made way for their employees to work from home. This is only a part of the bigger picture, where businesses are struggling to deal with varied challenges in financial, logistics, and HR functions. Per the top HR management consulting professionals, these are some of the challenges HR teams are going to face in the coming days due to the COVID-19 crisis –

  • Business continuity plans – Although companies have asked their employees to work from home to continue business as usual, they face numerous problems in executing the plan. Log-in – logout issues, team management issues, calculation of working days and salaries, and many more issues that HR managers face on a daily basis. Human resources consultancy professionals suggest framing certain guidelines and communicating them from time-to-time to improve productivity and efficiency of work-from-home employees and avoid problems in business continuity.
  • Flexible work arrangements – One of the biggest concerns for the HR employees in this situation is to manage flexible work arrangements. In a situation when businesses are struggling to keep up their normal functioning without affecting productivity, allowing their employees to work according to their timings is a bit challenging. Employees, who are usually used to work in teams and at the office, tend to get demotivated and deviate from the deadlines if they are not guided ably by the team leader and the HR team.  Consultants from the HR consultancy services advise drafting policies for working from home and ensure that all the employees are following those. When all the members of a team login and work at the same time, they can stay connected and share their work details seamlessly with the help of online messenger apps. However, depending on need, employees can be given a flexible work option with specific guidelines as to how they are going to stay connected with the team and how they would ensure business continuity without any lapse.
  • Employee communication:  It is a challenge for many organizations to communicate with their employees when all are working remotely. As there is no scope of communicating information through posters and office notice boards, it becomes essential for the HR team to communicate all the corporate information and other employee engagement-related information through official emails. According to the human resources consultancy experts, the HR team should draft their emails in such a manner that they convey opportunities in the present situation and spread positivity. This is extremely important to keep the morale of the employees high.
  • Employee welfare:  In the present scenario, all the employees are concerned about their and their family’s health. HR management consulting professionals say that companies should convey their solidarity with the employees and help them in every aspect possible to help them get over the tough conditions. The HR team should duly intimate the kind of help the company would provide in case of any problem and share the guidelines concerned with all, to keep all the employees informed and feel secured.

This COVID-19 crisis is an unprecedented condition for both employees and management. By taking due measures, the HR teams can handle and get over the situation successfully. For any guidance on employee-related issues, consult Accuprosys, the best HR management consulting firm in Hyderabad.