Corporate Identity – Why it is crucial for a Business

Corporate identity plays a vital role in the success of an organization. It is the way in which an organization or company presents itself to others. It is to be understood that your company’s identity has a strong impact on the sales and marketing plans for your products/services. Creation of corporate identity is a process that has to be dealt with due care with proper guidance from corporate branding services. This involves a lot of brainstorming in identifying and distinguishing your company from the competitors.

Corporate Identity and Corporate Image
Before you try to understand how to create a corporate identity, it is needed to understand the difference between corporate identity and corporate image. Branding firms can help you in developing strategies to create your corporate identity and build your corporate image.

  • Corporate identity – It is the way you want people to perceive your company.
  • Corporate image – It is the way people perceive your company.

What are the elements that make corporate identity?

Logo, typography, and color are the key elements of corporate identity that are used to create a visual identity for your company. However, there are some more elements like your business cards, advertisements, the stationery your company uses and your business etiquette that affects your company’s identity.

How to create corporate identity?
The process of creating your corporate identity will mainly have three stages – determining the identity; designing the identity and communicating the identity.

1. Determining the identity: Creating corporate identity is a process where initially you have to determine how your company and your product are different from others in the market. Then you have to identify your company’s vision and mission and how you want to see your company over the next few years. A brand consultant can help you in creating your identity in line with your vision and mission. In this process you ought to consider three important factors – a) type of product; b) target market; and c) competitors. Depending on these three factors corporate branding services companies will identify strategies to create your corporate identity.

2. Designing the identity: This is a crucial stage in the creation of corporate identity, where you design and create the elements that project your identity. Depending on your product type and target market you have to establish your identity with a look and feel that is consistent with all your communications. The most important element is the logo that is projected in all your advertisements, promotional materials and business cards.

Logo for a company is that one element which conveys the essence of the company instantly.

A logo is that very crucial element in designing your corporate identity that, you should never hesitate to seek professional help from a brand consultant.

Communicating the identity: Once you have created your company logo and other elements that are part of corporate identity, it is time you project your identity to the stakeholders, partners and customers. You should use your logo and other elements in all your communications. Apart from the logo, there are certain physical aspects of your company that project your corporate identity. They are the location of your office, the furniture and interiors of the office that reflect on how serious you are about your business and its success. Another thing that matters in communicating your corporate identity is your business behavior. Your employees are your walking brand ambassadors and their happiness at workplace tells a lot about your identity.

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