Common Mistakes by Companies in Employee Recognition

Satisfying employees is a challenging task for every employer and one of the vital aspects that influence employees’ satisfaction levels is providing them with appropriate recognition and rewards that not only boost their morale but also improve the company culture. HR consultants strongly believe that giving timely feedback to employees will have a great impact on their motivation and productivity. Many companies and their managers also agree with the point but somehow fail to do it appropriately thereby losing out on the benefits of employee recognition. HR consulting firms list out some of the commonly made mistakes by companies in this aspect so that they can be cautious.

Focus on money: Human resources consultancy professionals opine that although recognizing outstanding performance of employees with monetary benefits is a good idea, it is not the only way employees can and should be recognized. It may happen that companies that recognize their employees’ work only moneywise indirectly support those who work only for monetary gain which may impact the morale of other employees’ morale negatively.

One size fits all approach: It should be understood by companies that each and every individual is unique and their motivation factors would differ from one another. Adopting a “one size fits all” approach is not correct because what motivates an employee may not motivate others. HR consultants agree on the fact that though many like to receive monetary benefits, what inspires many is recognition in team meetings or personal appreciation letters from the manager or company.

Recognition timing and reasoning: According to the HR management consulting professionals, another critical aspect that many employers and managers miss is the fact that they ought to recognize an employee at the right time and with the appropriate reason. Employers should ensure that their appreciation is meaningful, personal, and prompt in order to motivate the employees in the right way. Praising an employee very late or without giving appropriate reason will make the praise irrelevant which leads to a kind of dissatisfaction in the employee.

Measuring recognition on monetary terms: Another thing that many employers do wrongly is measuring recognition on monetary performance or based on the revenue generated by an employee. This indirectly demotivates many other people in an organization who are not into sales or not connected directly with the financial results. Hence, HR consultants suggest implementing a sound strategy to identify and recognize employees from all the departments of an organization and also include those who are striving hard to keep up the core values of the company even in tough times.

Inconsistency: Many companies often roll out employee recognition programs but fail to sustain them over a period of time. Inconsistency in providing recognition whether in various departments or over different periods frustrates employees because nobody is sure if their work is going to be recognized ever.

These are some of the most common mistakes done by companies while recognizing the hard work of their employees. With little effort, these can be avoided and employees can be motivated in the right way to perform better with much greater enthusiasm.