Colours You Can Use to Create a Captivating Logo

Colour is the element that you first notice in an image and it’s the same with the logos as well. It’s understood that a person’s brain responds to colours before processing the words or context in a picture. Per the top branding consultants, that’s the reason colours are an imperative part of logo-making and play a critical role in conveying a brand story and personality. People recognize logos with their colour as much as they do with the shapes and text. And, that’s one of the reasons; the brand colours are used extensively throughout the brand collateral.

To convey your brand personality effectively, it’s essential that you first choose a logo colour scheme that not only represents your brand story but also is captivating enough. Simultaneously, it’s equally essential to ensure that your logo is unique and has longevity, says the top branding agency in Hyderabad.

According to the best branding companies, you must consider the industry design standards as well while designing your logo. Industries choose and continue to use a colour scheme depending on the meanings and feelings different colours represent. For example:

  • Red symbolizes hunger, excitement and energy and hence, this colour is used in the food and restaurant industry.
  • Blue evokes trust and security and hence, it’s the preferred colour for organizations in the technology, financial and other industries that want to garner the clients’ trust.
  • Green is popular with the eco-conscious industry.
  • Purple is the colour of choice for organizations in the creative field.

Once you get an idea of which colour you must choose per the industry standards, you may go further with the colour combinations that can positively impact your brand positioning and personality and if needed, you may consult the best branding agencies to help you decide the colour combination for your logo. Here are some colour fundamentals you must know before you dive into the design aspects.

  • Hue: This refers to the origin of colours; the primary and secondary colours consisting of yellow, orange, red, violet, blue and green are hues. Mixed colours which do not have any dominant colour are also considered hues.
  • Tint: This refers to a hue or mixture of pure colours to which white is added. Colours in tint retain their original colour but are paler than the original.
  • Shade: This refers to a hue or mixture of pure colours to which black is added. Although black is added, the hue remains the same while making the colour darker.
  • Tone: This refers to a hue or mixture of pure colours to which equal amounts of white and black (pure grey) are added.
  • Monochromatic colour scheme: This uses colour variations from the same hue creating tint, shade and tone. This type of colour scheme makes more use of negative space to balance the subtle colour variations.
  • Primary colour scheme: Red, blue and yellow are the primary colours and when you make a colour combination using these hues with white or using any two of these, it’s the primary colour scheme.
  • Secondary and tertiary colour scheme: When you blend the primary colours, you get the secondary colours and when you mix a primary colour with a secondary colour, you get the tertiary colour. Choose a combination of these colours to get a secondary and tertiary colour scheme.
  • Complementary colour scheme: Complementary colours are those that complement each other well and are opposite to each other on the colour wheel. For instance; red and green, blue and orange, and yellow and purple are complementary colours that pair a warm and cool colour and present a contrast. This kind of combination is a complementary colour scheme.
  • Analogous colour scheme: Unlike the contrast in complementary colours, the analogous colour scheme uses adjacent hues in the colour wheel, for instance – yellow and green.

Consult the top branding consultants to get the best logo designed for you taking into consideration all the relevant aspects of logo designing. Your logo can be minimal or detailed, but it has to be definitely unique and longstanding. To create such a logo for your organization, consult the experts at Accuprosys, the top branding agency in Hyderabad.