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Performance Review and Its Importance

August 30, 2023 by admin

Performance reviews performance appraisals or performance evaluations are the periodic assessments of an employee’s performance in his/her job. Organizations generally utilize performance reviews to provide feedback to empl...

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How Do You Know If Your Employee Is Stressed?

June 29, 2023 by admin

Stress, to an extent, is good because it helps employees work faster and better; looming deadlines and targets can motivate them to focus and get more done in less time and effort. However, the same stress when experienced of...

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Challenges in Recruitment and Ways to Overcome Them

May 6, 2023 by admin

Hiring people is one of the biggest functions of the HR department, where depending on your company’s size and the type of roles you’re filling, you may face various challenges. Most HR professionals would agree that hiri...

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Benefits of Performance Appraisal

April 11, 2023 by admin

Performance appraisals are imperative for the growth of both the organization and the employees. It helps the organization’s management in evaluating if an employee is an asset or a liability to the organization and how the...

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Do Start-ups Need HR Policies?

February 27, 2023 by admin

When you start an organization, it’s imperative for you to provide clarity to your employees regarding expectations you have for them to accomplish what you have set out for. To communicate your expectations clearly and con...

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