Branding Trends Not to Miss Out in 2019

We all know every business, whether big or small, needs branding to create a perception of it among the customers, prospective customers, clients and its own workforce. Branding increases the business value, generates new customers, improves employee morale and enhances credibility in the marketplace and hence, every business owner should start working on branding right from the start of the business or rather even before. It’s not just enough if a branding strategy is employed but, like all things in the marketplace, even branding strategies need to change with time to keep up with the latest trends to enable reaping the maximum benefits. Here are some of the trends that are not to be missed in 2019 for a perfect branding strategy as per the top branding consultants.

1.Variable logos: The trend that can’t be afforded to be missed is adopting shape-shifting logos that are variable, contextual and responsive. What does this mean? These days, marketers are ditching the concept of one constant logo and preferring to create logos that are optimized for various platforms and purposes. Branding firms are suggesting having different logo versions that could be utilized for different purposes and on different platforms. For e.g. a logo version that could be used for stationery, one for the mobile app, one that can be used for branding apparel etc.

2.Use of serifs: Although those who are pro minimalistic designs shun the use of serifs, the use of serifs has made a comeback. However, branding consultants suggest using serifs typeface sparingly in just logos, titles and headings to avoid any kind of distraction where large blocks of text are used.

3.Play with Geometry: Corporate branding services experts opine, using friendly and approachable geometric designs for branding will create positive and approachable vibes. To make the most of the geometric designs they ought to be designed with more curves than straight lines and a combination of colors that help them make vibrant and positive.

4.Sophisticated details: Another trend that’s catching up fast is using intricate details in the logo or packaging designs. These designs also contradict the minimalistic design theories as they are laced with repeated ornate patterns, line-shading, subtle details, and visual elements that fill up the negative space etc. that are far from anything minimal.

5.3D imagery: Designers with an artistic blend are creating visuals with 3D imagery that can be used to represent the innovative and pioneering approach of the business with élan.

6.Use negative space proactively: The professionals at branding firms are using negative space quite creatively by using two images rather than one in the design. This means, instead of leaving the negative space as blank, an image is used that enhances the design and makes the design dynamic.

These are some of the trends that if used effectively can enhance the branding strategy to keep your company branding up to date. Choose the best corporate branding services company to help you keep up with the latest branding trends.