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If you ask anyone what is Amazon, what would you expect for the answer? It’s a river. That’s a rarity. The more common answer would be that it’s an e-commerce (electronic commerce) company. Why is it so, when Amazon is actually the largest and longest river in the world? It’s because of ‘branding’. The e-commerce company wanted to tell the world that it wants to make it big in business. It wanted to tell that its reach is far and wide. So, it used the name of a river which symbolized large and far-reaching. And now, it has worked so well that more people recognize Amazon not as a river, but as an e-commerce company. That is what branding is all about in a nutshell. In simple words the process of establishing a unique name and picture for a product or service among customers through consistent theme is branding.

Brand development is an important element for every business as that is what makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd. A brand means an identity for a company by which people recognize and connect to it. The key components of branding are:

· Brand name: this could be the name of the company or the name of a product of the company (Cadbury which is company name is synonymous with confectioneries or chocolates).

· Logo: The logo is the image or symbol of an organization which creates an easy identity for the organization in customers (The image of an apple in Apple Inc.’s logo has given it a distinct flavor which is easily recognizable).

Values: the values that the company believes in should also be communicated to customers via branding (From the Amazon’s example we have seen, we can understand that the values that the company believes in are being made understood to the customers through its name and logo. The company deals in a wide range of products, which is even reflecting in its logo with an arrow from A to Z

For an organization, the work of Brand development is an important task, as branding takes its products or the organization to the customers. It is a specialty area which needs both skill and expertise. And, it may not be possible for all businesses to do branding on their own, as they may or may not have required resources. Here comes the need for Branding firms that do this work for your business. Accuprosys is one of the top Branding firms in Hyderabad that helps organizations transform into powerful brands. At Accuprosys our objective is your business growth through our branding & design solutions.

We provide comprehensive Corporate Branding services that are the best in the industry and that include:

  • Brand Design – Creating intuitive and engaging designs for logos, marketing collateral, brochures etc.
  • Brand Engagement – Helping the brand connect emotionally to its consumers through print and electronic media.
  • Brand Awareness – Creating recognition among consumers thus increasing sales.
  • Brand Strategy – It is the identification of brand’s uniqueness and conveying that to customers.

Our idea is to help you concentrate on your main business and produce products of great quality and we will ensure that they become great brands with our creative design solutions. Our Corporate Branding services at Accuprosys will help you in getting your target customers choose you over your competitors and also reassures your credibility and connects emotionally to the customers in all the best ways possible.

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