Branding Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid

Branding is a key area that can make or break a business in the long run and yet; many small businesses and startups ignore it or don’t give as much importance that must be given in terms of investment of time and money. Even for those who understand the significance of branding, adopting the right branding strategies is a big challenge and although they spend a lot of time and other resources in getting their brand established, they fail to achieve their goals. According to the top branding consultants, this is a result of the branding mistakes they make in the process of brand development. Here mentioned are some of the common branding mistakes a business must be aware of and avoid to get the best results from their branding efforts.

  • Undefined and inconsistent corporate identity: Creating a robust corporate identity and maintaining it consistently everywhere is primary to establishing a great brand. When you do not use the same name, logo, and tag line in every kind of communication both internally and externally, you make a big mistake and create scope for confusion among the audience whoever uses or sees them. Per the branding services experts, it’s imperative to be consistent with your corporate identity so that your customers hear and see the same name, logo, etc. and register it in their minds.

  • No usage or poor usage of visuals: Everybody knows that pictures create a greater impact than words, so, you must use appropriate images or visuals while promoting your products/services. More importantly, you must use a consistent visual picture and logo to represent your company everywhere which will be remembered by a larger number of people easily.

  • Inadequate employee training: Your employees are walking brand ambassadors of your organization and you must train them adequately for it. Branding agencies suggest rewarding those employees who understand your brand values and promote your brand rightly in their day-to-day actions. Many organizations don’t understand the importance of employees promoting the brand and don’t focus on training their employees accordingly.

  • Not tracking branding efforts: Failure in tracking branding efforts will not let you know if your branding strategies are working and your investment in various resources is bringing positive results. According to the branding companies, you must probe how new or prospective customers have contacted you and from where they got your details. You must enquire if they saw your advertisement or attended a seminar, etc.

  • Not making use of existing customers: You can add credibility to your work by asking your real customers to talk about you in your advertisements or seminars; you must check with your customers if they can let you quote them in your marketing collateral.

  • Making improper use of marketing collateral: Several businesses make the mistake of getting their marketing collateral printed in huge quantities to leverage costing benefits and avoid getting new brochures or leaflets designed and printed until the first stock is completely used. However, what they tend to forget is that their business may require new collateral per their changing needs and strategies. Branding services professionals suggest getting fewer quantities printed and getting them reprinted as per the requirement with a few changes, at least in terms of images or graphics used.

These are some of the top and common branding mistakes that several organizations tend to make but must be avoided to build a good brand successfully. To learn further about branding, and brand development and implement the right strategies to build a robust brand for your organization, choose Accuprosys, the top branding consultant in Hyderabad.