Facility management services play an important role in any business regardless of the size of the organization. It is a combination of many different services ranging from basic needs of employees to organizations business strategies. Every organization has mix of services to support its core business operations. Ensuring that this support is accessible in the right form, with right quality and for right cost is the task of facility manager. This is a diverse filed with different responsibilities, which mostly depend on the size and structure of the organizations.
Facility Manager Areas of work:
As mentioned above Facility manger works in different areas, it depends on the organizations structure and size along with what departments the organizations want to outsource. Here are few areas in which a facility manager can work or you can outsource some or all of the following areas:

1. Property portfolio Management
2. Managing support services
3. Project management
4. People, space and Financial Management
5. Risk Management
6. Quality Management
7. Information Management
8. Customer service
9. Hardware and Networking services
10. Security Audits and
11. Managing Building services

Outsourcing facility management services can bring strategic advantages:
Many organizations are using an outsource strategy, including outsourcing of facility services, to achieve strategic advantages:
Focus on core business:
If a company is in to software development, concentrating only on that part will be profitable for them, if they concentrate on all other departments will not be helpful for them, rather outsourcing other departments will help them to increase their services, missions and goals, to be competitive in the market.
Marketable Benefits:
Sometimes, outsourcing of facility services creates greater synergy between the company and the contractor. An opportunity can be created for each company to market jointly or individually. The partnering of these two types of companies can lead to the development or expansion of products or services with the costs and risks associated with development shared jointly.
High quality:
As you are outsourcing particular services to vendors who are specialists in particular fields, they have expertise and business strategies to ensure that your facilities receive high quality performance.
Cost effective:
If you start particular department it will cost you more than out sourcing. As you need to employee people and install equipment, it’s better to outsource these noncore services to outsourcing firms which will reduce your operational cost. In addition these firms also help in reducing employee costs such as benefits, training and workers compensation.
A flexible management systems is essential to ensure the changes within your organizational goose outsourcing firm will help you to choose services only which are needed specifically for your company’s requirements. You don’t need to deal with any unnecessary stuff that doesn’t deal with your business.
Hire experts:
Instead of establishing separate departments then recruiting people and starting the whole process it’s better to hire people who have experience in particular fields and get the work done by them in efficient manner.