Basics of Advertising Your Website Online

Advertising Your Website Online
Advertising Your Website Online

If you have a website you would definitely want to get more visitors to your site and this is possible only when more people know about your site. Branding consultants say a website can gain more visitors in three main ways – by speaking about it in your network, by making your site available when people are searching for something relevant and finally advertising about the site to people who may be interested. Website owners and managers can tell people about their site through word-of-mouth publicity or social media. They can make the site available to people through search engine optimization. The last one, advertising is the fastest way to reach more people in less time but also a difficult thing to do. That’s the reason you should hire the best corporate branding services professionals to advertise about your website in the best possible way in a budget that you allocate. Here are some basic steps you should understand to advertise your website online effectively.

  • Jargon: Every subject has a list of terms that only the industry people use often and are comfortable with. Advertising is no different and online advertising consists of jargon that you must be aware of if you want to successfully advertise your website online. Fat-head, long-tail, CPM (cost per thousand impressions), CPC (cost per click), CPA (cost per action), etc. are some of the terms associated with online advertising.
  • Options: Branding consultants suggest you should know the various advertising options available to you in order to pick the right one that suits your needs. According to the branding firms, the main options that a website owner has to choose from are – search ads, display ads, and native ads.
  • Search ads are those that show up when somebody searches with relevant keywords. Various platforms like Google, Bing, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc. can be used for search ads.          
    • Display ads, also known as banner ads, are ads containing designed images or photos and copy. Display ads can be used on Google, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, etc.
  • Native ads are paid ads that appear within the content and are meant not to distract.
  • Tracking: As per the branding consultants, one big benefit of using online advertising is that you can track every effort of yours. Things like Google Analytics and URL builder help websites to analyze data and make appropriate decisions.
  • Landing pages: An important thing you should understand is that when you are running an ad campaign, it’s essential to send a visitor or potential customer to the landing page for that particular campaign rather than your homepage. This will help you make more conversions out of your leads as the visitors don’t get distracted with all other content on your homepage. You should take help from leading corporate branding services experts to create perfect landing pages that boost your campaign efforts and increase business.

Online advertising is all about new ad concepts and strategies that are interlinked with each other and need to be changed from time to time. If you want to promote your website online successfully, you either need to be a branding expert yourself or hire one of the best branding firms. Don’t waste time on just planning forever, jump into action and modify your strategies according to the needs.