Awesome Ways of Employee Recognition Every Employer Should Follow

According to the human resources consultancy experts, one of the most neglected things in an organization is employee recognition. Though every employer knows that employee recognition and appreciation hold great significance in employee engagement and satisfaction that are critical for a business’ success, it is seldom put into practice. Everybody knows that appreciation is the fundamental need of every human being. Employees get motivated and perform better when they are recognized and appreciated because it gives them a sense of being valued for their work and contribution to the organization. Here are some amazing ways employers can appreciate their staff on a day-to-day basis.

1. Celebrate the special days: Who doesn’t like celebrating a birthday? Most of the people like being greeted on their birthdays though there may be some really exceptional people who don’t like it. HR consultants suggest celebrating the birthdays of employees. If it is not possible to celebrate each and every employee’s birthday individually, they can be celebrated once in a month or quarter. It is also a good idea to make a note of the employees’ wedding anniversaries and wish them on the special occasion. If someone wants to take an off on their special day, letting them do so is also a way of showing appreciation and saying you care for them.

2. Provide snacks: The world has become so competitive that it has become quite a norm for most employees to stretch on a daily basis. People like being fed and it is one of the best ways to appreciate others. HR consulting firms opine, providing snacks or dinner to employees who stretch their working hours to meet the deadlines and bring laurels to the organization is a great way to not only satisfy their appetite but also boost the productivity levels. Such initiatives also satisfy the hunger of recognition for their hard work in times of need.

3. Present a trophy: Presenting a rolling trophy to employees on a weekly basis for any kind of accomplishment or good deed done is an impressive way of recognizing their work among peers. HR consultants say the trophy gives a sense of pride to the receiving employee and motivation to the rest of the employees to perform better. Also, the employer can recognize exceptional talent and performance of the employees by presenting a yearly ‘Best Performer’ trophy.

4. Send thank you note: Sending a ‘thank you’ note either personally or by email is a really genuine way of appreciating a person’s diligence and commitment. As and when an employee does a remarkable job, the managers or the team leaders should personally thank the employee and let him/her know how valuable he/she is for the organization.

5. Send appreciation mail: Human resources consultancy professionals suggest sending appreciation emails to the respective employees who have done exceptional work and also sending emails about their good work to their peers so that their work is recognized by not just the management but is let known to other employees as well. This kind of appreciation also motivates other employees to work much harder.

These are some of the simplest yet effective ways of appreciating the workforce of an organization. If you want to recognize and appreciate your employees in more innovative methods but are clueless, get in touch with Accuprosys, one of the best HR consulting firms in Hyderabad.

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