How to Avoid Recruitment Mistakes

The high pressure on recruiters to identify eligible candidates in short periods of time is driving the HR professionals to look out for innovative ways to acquire talent. Though some of these efforts are successful, some are not fruitful. HR consultancy services professionals suggest the organizations that are not successful in recruiting the right talent to check out if they are making any of these common recruitment mistakes.

1. Quickening the process: Best HR consulting firms take the appropriate time to identify and recruit the right candidates. They know that while delaying of the recruitment process may lead to losing the top talent, rushing the process too leads to the same. Speeding up the recruitment process may lead to hiring a candidate who comes first with relevant qualifications and experience rather than choosing the best suitable candidate.

2. Inappropriate job description and posting: It often happens that one mistake leads to another. When the recruitment process is carried out in a hurry, it usually results in creating a job description and job posting that are not accurate. According to the HR consultants, job descriptions can be lengthy and detailed giving all the information required to attract the right talent. Likewise, to grab the attention of aspiring candidates, the job postings should be crisp, interesting and motivating. It is a good idea to outsource the recruitment process to HR recruitment agencies that are adept at these tasks.

3. Post-offer silence: Many recruiters err by keeping silent once a candidate is made the offer. They think that their job is to find a suitable candidate and offer them a position. However, their job is not finished with the mere offer letter. They need to follow up with the candidate and ensure that he/she joins the organization without fail. Several candidates attend interviews at multiple organizations as part of their job hunt. Some candidates may be offered jobs at more than one organization. HR consultancy services professionals say that to avoid such situations and ensure that the candidate who has been offered a job retains it and shows up at the organization, it is essential that the on-boarding process is done as soon as possible. Also, the employee should be engaged in other ways too like giving them documents to learn the job skills, etc.

4. Disregarding rejected candidates: Many times recruiters encounter situations wherein they find more than one eligible candidate but select only the best one and reject the others. In such scenarios, the rejected candidates are forgotten. But, this is a big mistake that makes the organization lose out on eligible candidates who are interested in working with the organization. To avoid this costly mistake, HR consultants suggest staying in touch with such candidates for future opportunities. An advantage of keeping a list of eligible but rejected candidates is that they are qualified and at the same time interested to join the organization and hence a big part of recruitment process need not be repeated.

5. Neglecting team requirements: One of the serious mistakes of recruiters is hiring candidates based on their qualifications and experience and neglecting how they fit into the teams they get into. Recruiters need to check the personality of the candidates and how they will be able to collaborate with the team before hiring them.

By weeding out these common mistakes from the recruitment process companies can hire the best talent that helps in meeting the organizational goals.