Acquaint with the Dos and Don’ts of Branding

One thing that every business wants to achieve as soon as possible is successful branding and a unique identity that promotes recognition in the marketplace and facilitates differentiating itself from the competitors. Brand development encompasses a whole lot of things right from designing the logo of the business to training how employees, the real brand ambassadors, respond to the customers and partners. Creating a brand identity is complex in nature as it involves both visual and emotional communication of the relevance and reliability of a product or service and hence, calls for the services of expert branding consultants. Listed here are a few dos and don’ts of branding that would be of help to businesses trying to create their brand identity.

1.Do Focus on core values: The first rule to remember is focusing on your core values and keeping it that simple. Brand development should start from the inside out. You should be able to tell people who you are and how unique you are. You should tell the customer why you are in the business and in what way you can make a difference to the customers’ lives.

Don’t focus on what competitors are doing and follow that. This is a big ‘NO’ as per the professional branding services experts. Although the product or service offered may be similar, you are distinct from your competitors and so, their values and ways of business may be entirely different from yours.

2.Do adapt to trends by being flexible. Identify the industry trends and analyze if it is worth following and change yourself to adapt to the changing needs if necessary. Branding consultants suggest analyzing the market for consumer needs and behavior to identify what you can do better than your competitors. This would help in creating a healthy brand identity that is relevant to the times and accepted by the consumers.

Don’t follow the trend for the sake of doing that. While it is important to keep up with trends, it is also essential that one should not jump on to trends without analyzing if it is relevant to your business particularly at that point of time because it is not guaranteed that every trend will work in your favor.

3.Do prove your USP: As a part of your branding, you need to create your unique selling proposition ensuring that you have enough statistics and proofs to substantiate what you are claiming. Professional branding companies insist that you should promise or claim only those things that you can actually deliver.

Don’t claim wrong USPs because they sound fancy or those are the things your customers want from you. If you can’t fulfill your promises customers will be disappointed which does no good to your branding and business.

4.Do adequate research. Every business should take time to research the audience pulse, industry trends, and competitors’ strategies. These are some of the key elements that influence your branding strategy and understanding these is vital for your brand success.
Don’t go overboard with what competitors are doing. Although research is required, you need to strike balance between paying attention to what competitors are doing and what is required for you.

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