5 Elements that Define an Effective Landing Page

Landing pages, the standalone web pages that are created specifically for marketing and advertising purposes, are becoming a prominently used method in digital marketing. IT consultants suggest using landing pages as they create a great first impression on the users and have greater chances of turning prospects into leads and converting these leads into loyal customers generating lifelong customers. However, they also tell that this would be possible only when the landing pages are properly optimized for the purpose which is quite a challenging process if one doesn’t have adequate experience in it. Businesses have an amazing solution to this problem in the form of IT consulting firms that have experienced and proficient web developers to create the perfect landing with these core elements of a winning landing page.

1.Strong headline and subheads: Headline is the element where the whole business starts garnering the interest of the prospective customers, holding on their attention, and giving them the information they require. To get the maximum output from a headline, it should be able to grab a reader’s attention instantaneously and give the reader a sneak peek about the product that too within a limit of 10-20 words. Along with the headline, IT consultants suggest, there should be a sub-headline that compels the visitor to stay and read further.

2.Compelling story: The next important element of an effective landing page is a compelling and authentic story that is short and crisp yet conveys the full purpose of the page. A landing page should contain a story that illustrates the need of the product and the value proposition stating why the customers should choose the product or service. A social proof needs to be added which greatly motivates lead conversions.

3.Striking bullet list: The fast pace with which readers scan web pages and move on to another page generates a necessity to keep the visitors hooked to the landing page with a striking bullet list that includes some of the biggest benefits of using the product/service, arresting facts and stats, and positive testimonials.

4.Eye-catching pictures and videos: It is a well-known fact that human brain processes images faster than the text. This implies that to hold the attention of visitors of a landing page, it is necessary that it contains a few attention-grabbing and high-quality images and videos that relevant to the product/service. The website developing services professionals caution not to use stock photographs or images done through Photoshop and use only product relevant images of high-quality to keep up the impression built on the visitor through the previously-mentioned elements.

5.Single call-to-action button: And lastly, this is the most important element of all the elements discussed until now. Web designers insist on placing only one call-to-action (CTA) button on the landing page rather than multiple CTA buttons. This is important because multiple CTA buttons will create confusion in the readers which may force them to quit the page. Businesses should take extra caution in deciding about the kind of CTA button they are going to use and how they are going to differentiate it from the rest of the content to make it clearly visible to the users.

Although there is no standard rulebook to create a landing page, to create an effective and successful landing page, one needs to incorporate all these core elements which require expertise and creativity in the field. Reach our experts at Accuprosys, one of the best IT consulting firms, to design the best landing pages for your business.