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You can focus on your core operations
while we take care of the rest.

Accuprosys offers a full suite of services that help clients concentrate
on their strategic goals, save time and improve revenue.

By letting us take care of your non-core functions, you can concentrate on your core operations – your “actual business”.
Our goal is to help businesses thrive, especially startups and SMEs, and that reflects in our flexible and affordable pricing.

Going Beyond the Legal Bug

We help you with all the corporate legalitites of your business,
so you can retain your peace of mind.

Most business heads are unaware of corporate legalities. And even if they are well-versed with corproate law,
they may not have the time or the resources to deal with paperwork and statutory compliances. That’s where
Accuprosys lends a hand. We ensure that your business stands by corporate law.

Work-Happy Employees

We are a dependable and reliable source for all your HR needs.

Running a taskforce is not easy, especially when there is a multitude of operations to take care of. Accuprosys
not only helps companies streamline their HR management systems, recruit full-time and temporary employees,
but also helps with policy development and statutory compliances.

Handling Infrastructure –
One Less Thing to Worry About

All your infrastructural, electrical and maintenance needs met at one single place.

Be it networking, cabling, electrical installations, monitoring systems, or troubleshooting hardware and network issues,
Accuprosys makes sure you need to look nowhere else. Accuprosys is the only business service provider that believes
in simplifying business for its clients in every possible way – even with something as fundamental as infrastructal maintenance.

Finance, Accounting and Taxation Made Easy.

You may need some form of financial and accounting aid,
especially if you own a startup or SME.

Dedicating a major proportion of resources to matters such as finances and accounting or setting up a new
department for the same may not be possible. By outsourcing all your financial, taxation, auditing and
accounting functions to us, you get a reliable associate who not only takes care of those tasks but also advises
you on prime matters in this domain.

We Make Sure What’s Yours Remains Yours

We don’t just help you STAY PROTECTED against IP infringement
but also help you SOLVE DISPUTES.

Firms rarely realise what they can lose if they don’t secure their intellectual property. And those who do realise
it know how vital it is to seek professional assistance. Accuprosys helps you stay protected against infringement,
making sure what’s yours remains yours. It takes care of licensing, patenting, and copyrighting in addition to offering
timely advice and helping solve disputes.

Transforming Products into Brands

Accuprosys helps your product evolve into a BRAND.

We develop corporate identities and brands with an intuitive mix of print and digital media. Creating a great product
does not guarantee a great brand. Branding requires the right kind of strategizing and marketing. Successful
enterprises believe in developing great products, while letting great minds do the branding.

The ‘IT’ Advantage

From website development to payment gateways, logo design to software development,
Accuprosys is fully equipped to help you.

Accuprosys’ endeavour is to serve as an end-to-end business consultant that offers EVERTHING a start-up might need!
In addition to serving clients in business-associated domains, it also offers IT services such as website development,
hosting, software, mobile applications development and payment gateway solutions.

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Client Testimonials

Buta Singh
Buta Singh
“We at thymr software thank you for the commendable HR services you’ve provided. We’re a startup and will have greater manpower needs as we grow. Your sincerity and dedication shall urge us to solicit your services again for all such needs in the future.”
Vineeth Prathap
Vineeth Prathap
“It was a great experience to incorporate Autospinz with Accuprosys’s valuable guidance. The team is very efficient, clear, transparent and proactive. And their responses were swift and crisp.”
“The creative branding process we went through with Accuprosys was seamless and outstanding. From the beginning they laid out a very simple but effective plan. It resonated well with our target consumers.”
Ravi Sharma
Ravi Sharma
“Excellent turn-around time, on-time delivery and exceptional quality. This was our first attempt at outsourcing an Android mobile application and Accuprosys proved our decision right. I am overwhelmed with the great response and support I got from their end.”