Trends in Attendance Management

Businesses need to think of various cost-effective business practices that reduce their financial burden and yet give them a competitive edge in the dynamic market situations. One of the critical factors that influence the productivity and efficiency of the business is the attendance management of employees. HR consultants opine business organizations should adopt the latest technologies so as to avoid failure in tracking their employees’ working hours and productivity due to outdated attendance tracking systems. HR consultancy services professionals say that not updating the organization’s attendance tracking systems result in serious outcomes like overpayment to employees and loss of precious productive time that impacts business severely. Let’s take a look at some of the latest trends in attendance systems that can boost attendance management and employee productivity.

Automated time-tracking: A novel way of tracking the employees’ time and attendance is an automated time tracking system that is cloud-based and offers access to data in real-time. This system offers employees a user-friendly and refined way of attendance tracking process that they can use via their smartphones or tablet devices from anywhere in real-time.

Tablet kiosk app: HR consultants give an excellent option of using tablet kiosk app to organizations that have employees who are traveling and on the move. By using a tablet kiosk app on Apple ios devices, employees can effortlessly punch in and out through their Apple devices. With the implementation of this app, employers can capture the real-time the employees have worked even while they are on the move.

Biometric kiosk: This is an android based system that according to the HR consultancy services professionals is a great way to eliminate delinquency with time and attendance like buddy punching or time theft. Fingerprint readers and a variety of authentication procedures help in punching in and out and also allow employees to verify their time schedules and request for time off.

Mobile time sheets: In this digital age, manual attendance systems have become a thing of the past and organizations are implementing various technology-based time management systems that are easing the job of both the employees and employers. One such system is mobile timesheets software that can be downloaded on mobile devices of employees to access their time sheets online. HR consulting firms say the information from these mobile time sheets can be efficiently used to track employee attendance and process payroll.

Investing in an advanced time and attendance systems bring with it a whole lot of benefits like easy management of working hours, improved accuracy, reduction in errors, quicker accurate reports and all these in return save time and money over the long run. Visit Accuprosys, one of the best HR consulting firms in Hyderabad to understand what attendance system will work well for your organization.