Three Awesome Strategies to Not Let Go Your Employees

It is a common thing that employees categorize their employers and managers as awesome, awful or mediocre. How do they categorize and what makes them categorize so. Bosses who encourage and approachable are categorized as awesome, bosses who take the credit for work done by the team members and show favoritism are categorized as awful. In the middle are left those bosses who neither encourage their team members nor backstab them. We obviously know that the first category is the most liked and preferred by both the employees and managers equally.
Employees like to work under good managers who have great leadership qualities and can engage their employees well. HR consultants suggest companies should encourage managers to be approachable, trustworthy and engage their team members in such a way that they retain the top talent of the organization for a long time. Human resources consultancy professionals tell that a big reason for employees to quit an organization is that they are not happy with their managers. So, here are three tips from the top HR consulting firms to make your managers those awesome managers that have a good rapport with their team members and engage them well to retain the best talent with the organization.

Trust: Trust is a big thing and it takes a long time for any person or organization to build it. A person, who wants to enjoy the status of being an awesome manager, has to work hard and build trust among his/her employees by being consistent in thoughts and deeds. If managers wish to implement a new concept or program as a part of employee engagement, they need to hang on to it even if it doesn’t see much success initially. HR consultants say that when managers themselves don’t believe in ideas promoted by them, how employees can trust them. Hence, to make employees stay with them, managers ought to be consistent in their work build trust among their team members.

Train: Employees always seek betterment in their professional as well as personal lives. If companies and managers wish to retain talented employees with them for a longer period, they ought to provide them with opportunities to expand their skill set to grow as a professional and as an individual. Not all employees need the same training so, per the human resources consultancy professionals, responsibility is on the managers to identify the training and development needs of their team members and invest accordingly.

Appreciate: An important aspect that plays a dominant role in retaining the talented employees with the organization is acknowledging their work. Managers should be able to identify and appreciate employees who are working diligently and contributing towards the organizational goals. When employees are recognized for their good work, they are motivated to repeat their good performance and improve their productivity. Managers and companies should be communicating positively with the employees by recognizing and appreciating their work whenever possible.

Employees don’t need just an office but need a great workplace with a work culture of its own. To understand the prominence and implement effective strategies for employee engagement and employee retention, partner with Accuprosys, one of the leading HR consulting firms in Hyderabad.