The Obvious and the Not-So-Obvious Facets of HR Consulting

Companies often avoid Human Resource consultancy firms, believing that searching and hiring employees on their own is monetarily more judicious. Why should a company pay 10-20% more to third parties only for hiring candidates? On first thought, it appears true. But take a ring side look and you’ll know that such a thought is actually deceptive.

Paying for HR consulting does seem like an overhead cost. But most companies have now started to realize that their internal hiring processes are failing. At any place at any given time, there are hundreds of job openings for similar profiles splashed across all imaginable source points, be it newspapers, employment listings, online job portals or professional social networking sites such as LinkedIn. An equally large number of people are eligible (or think they are eligible) for any given job listing. The trouble starts when ineligible candidates respond to job postings and line up at your doors for interviews. Sifting through a big bunch of interviewees to find the right fit is often a shot in the dark, especially when you are looking to fill a position requiring specialized skill sets.

What’s worth asking is that would you like to interview the best of the best candidates or only those that respond to your posting?

That’s where HR consulting firms come in. These firms get you candidates who would have otherwise been inaccessible (because that’s their job!). They pool human resources from a wide range of time-tested sources rather than only through job postings. Traditionally, in internal hiring processes, HR personnel are bombarded with innumerable resumes that may not necessarily be suitable for a particular position. HR consulting firms scan through resumes to provide you with only the best ones with the right fit for the designation you are aiming to fill. As an added advantage, you would have to bear no expenses until they find you the best-fit candidate.

The functions of an HR department of an organization go far beyond just hiring the right candidates. Making sure that a company’s HR is well managed requires an eagle’s eye view of the entire organization. Because it is often not possible internally, most firms hire external HR management service providers to make sure that their most important resources (i.e. their employees) are well managed and happy. This translates into better performance for the company. Employees are bound to perform more efficiently at an organization when they believe that their companies have sound and just HR policies. Developing practical and fair policies is thus a basic requirement. While every facet of the work at an organization needs to have a specific set of policies, at a minimum, companies need to have policies in place for performance management, leaves, holidays, vacations, termination of employment, recruitment, hours of work, and overtime. By seeking HR consulting services for policy development, companies can ensure that unbiased policies are in place, with the added advantage of ensuring employee morale.

HR consulting is thus a silver lining for corporate firms, giving them not one by many less things to worry about!