Software Development and its Stages

The accelerating use of technology in every sphere of life has only increased the need for creating and maintaining software for various purposes. This has enhanced the need for efficient IT consultants in software development to successfully finish all the stages of the software development lifecycle and provide an excellent software product to the clients. The process of software development involves certain stages in between the time a concept has been planned and it becomes operational, that is followed by the IT consultants in order to make the concept workable and release it into the market.

Planning: For any concept to materialize into a product and get into the competitive market, it has to go through a few phases in its development cycle. The first of these phases is the planning phase wherein all the brainstorming related to the concept and the client’s requirements are discussed with the stakeholders and users.

Analysis: The IT consulting firms have to analyze the project in depth at this stage by defining the project details thoroughly in terms of cost, time, reliability etc. This requires that the project workflow is divided into small tasks that are evaluated for the feasibility of the tasks by the whole project team that includes the developers, testers, and the project managers.

Design: After planning and analyzing the feasibility of a project, the software design for the project has to be prepared that has to be creative yet clear. With all the inputs gathered from the stakeholders and the users’ requirements, the IT support team has to develop an architectural design of the project with all the needed technical details defining the risks, technologies used, project constraints etc.

Coding: The critical phase in a software development life cycle for the IT consulting firms is the programming phase that involves the coding and delivering the desired product. In this phase, the developers do the coding job and create the essential interfaces and the database admin creates the required data in the database.

Testing: This is also a crucial stage in a software development lifecycle as it shows the usability of the product. Before a product is delivered to the client or the end-user, the product is put through various testing procedures by experienced software testers to identify any defects in the system and verify if it is working as per the given requirements and expectations.

Maintenance: The last but ever-lasting stage of a software development cycle is the maintenance stage, where an IT support team is available to tackle the issues in the product that are identified after the software is released for production and reaches the customers. Some issues can be resolved with little efforts immediately, but some may need an updated version of the software to fix the issue.

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