Reasons for a Low Mobile App Retention Rate

Every business is developing a mobile app these days to sustain itself in the ever-competitive markets and just creating and releasing an app in the market is not sufficient. It is essential to identify if the app is successful and proving useful in increasing business revenues. Once an app is introduced in the market, the business has to keep an eye on the number of downloads and the retention rate to identify it is proving to be successful or not. According to the branding consultants, the retention rate is an amazing metric to measure the success of an app.

What is App Retention Rate?

The experts in corporate branding services say that the mobile retention rate gives the percentage of users of the app who are still using the app even after a certain period of time after they initially downloaded and installed it. The measure is usually calculated considering 1 day, 7days, and 30 days after the first installation of the app by a user. Retention rate is a wonderful metric for the app developers and the business owners as it shows the day in app lifecycle on which app users stop using the app.

Experts from the branding firms suggest that app developers should take care about the app retention rate and identify the causes that are resulting in users not using the app anymore. Per the branding consultants, there are a few major reasons for a low mobile app retention rate.

Difficulty in sign-in: One of the reasons that turn away many users from using the app is the difficulty in the sign-in or on-boarding process of the app. This is because the first difficult experience with the app lets users assume that the rest of the experience would be no easier and they quit. Corporate branding services professionals insist that to retain users the sign-in process should be hassle-free and get finished in a jiffy.

Slow navigation: The next thing that turns off the users abruptly is the slow navigation in the app. In this fast world where people can’t wait for a couple seconds for things to happen, how can anyone expect a user to use the app with slow navigation that takes minutes to show the desired content or has haphazard navigation irritating the visitors? It is best for an app developer to create the app such that it doesn’t take more than three steps to achieve the desired outcome.

Technical flaws: Anything related to loading page speed, pop-ups, design choices, broken links etc. could also be a reason for a low app retention rate. All these kinds of glitches lead to an unpleasant experience for the users who use the app with a hope of finding relevant information in an easier and more convenient method.

There are numerous reasons for a low retention rate of a mobile app, hence it requires the expertise of experienced branding firms to measure and understand the retention rate and the reasons behind such a low retention rate. It should be understood that for a mobile app to be successful, it needs a good retention rate that comes with loyal subscribers.