PPC Trends that Impact Your Branding Efforts

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is an amazing tool to generate visitors to a website for those who can’t wait to earn those clicks organically. PPC ads are those paid ads that appear on the search engine results page and get your business the wanted traffic for a fee. Corporate branding services professionals suggest that pay-per-click marketing is one thing that is beneficial for all the parties involved – the advertiser, the searchers, and the search engines. Such an advantageous marketing tool will surely see lots of evolvement and it is important that you understand the latest PPC trends to gain maximum benefit of it.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning: Artificial intelligence lets you know the better ways to engage customers in a more personal and relevant manner. It also facilitates account automation which helps in automating an increased number of management tasks. Artificial intelligence along with machine learning will alter the way PPC bids are done.

Target audience: Brand consultants say that with the availability of more personalized information due to machine learning, significance for targeted audience search will increase. When search engines stop limiting their search audience to gender, age, and income, businesses will be able to benefit from specifically targeted audiences so as to create much-personalized ads.

Voice search: With the increased use of mobile devices and artificial intelligence assistants, voice search is emerging as a popular trend. According to corporate branding services professionals, there is a distinct difference between the conventional text searches and voice searches. The main differentiator is the number of words used in the search. It is easier to say a sentence than keying in hence; voice searches will consist of a sentence with around 10 or more words. Voice searches will usually have words who, why, what, when, where, and how that help in understanding the searcher’s intent and provide more relevant and personalized ads.

Mobile devices: With the ever-increasing use of mobile devices and the search engines’ methods of indexing for SEO moving towards mobile-first, brand consultants warn you that your PPC ads have to be mobile friendly to get you your ROI.

Amazon’s entry: Per the branding firms, Amazon that accounts for nearly half of the online retail sales is entering the PPC market and businesses can advertise their brand on Amazon as well along with other players like Google and Bing.

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