Impact of Training and Development on Employee Performance

It is an undeniable fact that employees are one of the most valuable assets of an organization and they play a critical role in the accomplishment of organizational goals. It is because of this reason that organizations need to care for the learning needs of the employees that are not only useful for the employees but also instrumental in improving the productivity of the employees thereby impacting the bottom line of the organization, say the HR consultancy services firms.

Numerous researches have been conducted by various people trying to identify if there is any kind of influence of training and development programs on the performance of employees, and if yes, what kind of impact. Many human resources consultancy experts suggest that when the training needs are identified accurately and appropriate learning programs are designed to bridge the gap between the existing employee skills and the organizational needs, the employees benefit a lot in terms of skills and confidence which ultimately improves their performance as well.

As per the HR consulting firms, the amount and kind of training needed for employees differ from organization to organization as this is dependent on the type of industry, entry into a new market territory, implementation of new technology, the rollout of a new product or a service etc. Appropriate training programs based on the skill gap of employees definitely improve their performance and let’s see how that can happen.

Less supervision: Training programs can improve the essential skill sets in employees that enable them to perform their tasks without any supervision and too much dependency on others. This will help in improving their performance and productivity levels.

Reduction of errors: Many employees don’t update themselves with the latest trends in the industry and lack the motivation to take training in new skills that are required to stay ahead in the emerging trends. Human resources consultancy professionals insist that organizations should keep a track of such employees and motivate them to take training in required skills to reduce errors that are the results of ignoring to update one’s knowledge on a regular basis. The more an employee is trained in all aspects, the less is his/her chances of making mistakes in the job say the HR consulting firms that provide various training and development programs to help organizations tackle their employee performance issues.

Job satisfaction: Employees trained with essential skills are more confident at work and perform better which gives them job satisfaction. This leads to improved performance over a period of time as the employees are satisfied with the support they are getting from the organization to improve in their career and feel a moral responsibility to perform much better and add value to the organization with their services.

Reduced absenteeism and turn over: The job satisfaction among employees has a great influence on their performance and benefits the organization as well with reduced absenteeism and turn over. When employees are happy at work, they don’t find excuses to be absent to work or quit the company.

It is important for organizations to remember that the success or failure of a business depends on the quality of their human resources and hence, it is essential for every organization to invest in and develop appropriate training and development programs. If they can’t do it on their own, they can always hire an expert HR consultancy services firm for the cause.