Key Elements of Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is one of the most influential factors in the success of a business. Results of some studies have shown that across businesses, those that had a strong corporate identity had performed better than those that didn’t have. Corporate branding services professionals insist that having a strong corporate identity is an absolute necessity these days to outshine their competitors that make it imperative for all companies to focus on the elements of corporate identity and create an impressive identity for them. Let’s take a look at some of the key elements of corporate identity as suggested by some of the leading branding consultants.

Name: It is advisable to consult branding firms before deciding on a name for your company, product, services etc. as this procedure is a challenging one that not only needs professional expertise but also, loads of creativity. Name for a company should be unique, original, and memorable.

Logo: The next thing that is as important as the name of a company is its logo which graphically presents the company and its products. A logo could be a text, an image or a combination of both. Seeking corporate branding services professionals’ support in designing a logo for your company is always rewarding and essential because it is the logo that creates an aura of the company and holds the attention of the consumers.

Typeface: The typeface of a company is also very significant in creating a corporate identity. The typeface used in your company’s name and product branding can give out signals of being warm, friendly, elegant or even bold and authoritative. Enough caution has to be exercised while choosing a typeface for your company.

Color: Branding consultants can be consulted before choosing a corporate color, a set of constant colors, for the company which is an important element of corporate identity. A corporate color helps in creating a strong emotional influence on the public and customers which makes it better remembered.

Stationery: The business cards, envelopes, and letterheads that are vital instruments in business communication are a significant aspect of branding and corporate identity. Letterheads are crucial as they are the face of the company and every official document is printed on the company letterhead. Special attention has to be paid while designing a company’s visiting cards, letterheads and envelopes as they need to be designed with the company’s name and logo using the corporate color and typeface.

Creating a corporate identity requires expertise which only experienced branding firms can provide. A well-thought and carefully designed corporate identity helps a company to get easily recognized and remembered by people.