Hiring Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid

Hiring new talent is a complicated, challenging, and exhausting task for every business which requires lots of screening and verification process. What many companies and small businesses ignore is the fact that in the recruitment process, while the companies are looking for eligible candidates, the candidates are also evaluating the company. HR consultants opine that companies should focus not just on choosing a candidate with the best credentials but, choosing one who can identify and align with the organizational values and mission. Here are some common hiring mistakes that companies should avoid to choose the best suitable candidate for the positions in their offices as suggested by the top HR consulting firms.

Narrow search: HR consultants say, one of the biggest mistakes of the companies while recruiting candidates is that their search criteria are too narrow. When the companies are open to diversity in terms of age, gender, qualifications, experience; it helps in the organization growth due to diversity in thoughts that is difficult in a group of employees where there is no diversity.

Preparation failure: Many companies fail to recognize the fact that it is critical to create an accurate job description to hire the right candidate for a position. An inaccurate or incomplete job description is not clear about the job and misleads the candidates applying for the job that result in hiring inappropriate candidates out of the limited pool available. Human resources consultancy professionals suggest that the HR department should meet the managers and prepare accurate job description taking into consideration the most important job responsibilities, experience, and skill set required.

Skipping phone interview: HR consultants strongly suggest taking telephonic interview before shortlisting candidates for interviews at the office to optimize time which many companies skip. Many candidates mention many things in their resumes which may not be entirely true and at least a few of such things can be identified through telephonic interviews.

Overlooking attitude fit: One common mistake by most companies is that they overlook if a candidate’s attitude is good enough to fit into the organization. If a candidate has a negative attitude and is hired looking at the experience and skills possessed by him/her, the negativity of the candidate may spread negativity among others also and it may be a terrible situation for optimistic people to work with such a person that result in disharmony and dissatisfaction among employees.

Short-term vision: Many employers hire candidates as and when there is an urgent need for an employee and focus on the short-term requirements of the organization. However, they forget that employees once hired will be with the organization for a longer period of time if they are not hired on a contractual basis. Human resources consultancy experts say this may result in problems as the employee’s services may not be required after a certain project or may not fit into any other role in the organization leading to increase in financial burden on the organization. Also, such candidates may not possess a requisite skill set that is required to adapt to various departments in the organization.

Whatever kinds of precautions one takes while hiring candidates; it is obvious that there would be some issues with the new hires or employees. Not all people are exactly the same as they behaved at the time of screening and interviews or would anyone guaranty that employees won’t quit an organization. But, to avoid certain grave issues and minimize the rate of employee turnover it is essential that companies avoid such common mistakes.