Employee Recognition Methods That Motivate Your Employees

If you are a good employer, you should know that employees are the heart and soul of your business who facilitate realizing your organizational goals. You should take note that your success depends on the positivity brought into the business by your employees who are satisfied and engaged. HR consulting firms can help businesses in understanding the importance of employee recognition and implementing effective recognition methods as unsatisfied employees not only quit the organization but also spread a lot of negativity. Employees feel motivated and rejuvenated when they are recognized and appreciated for their efforts and here are a few methods of employee recognition laid out by human resources consultancy experts.

Involve employees: HR consultants suggest that employees can be recognized by appreciating not just their big accomplishments but also their small daily accomplishments. The task of recognizing these small day-to-day accomplishments can be given to the team employees themselves by asking them to nominate an employee for the month from their team members. This way, employees feel appreciated and recognized by both the colleagues and the management and they get motivated to work even better.

Recognize the team efforts: Rewarding the whole team or department for an accomplishment is a great way to inspire the employees and encourage team-spirit among them. Recognition could be as simple as an announcement in an all-department meeting or arranging a team outing.

Say ‘thank you’ personally: Thanking an employee personally by inviting the person to the management’s office or sending an appreciation mail personally is an excellent way of employee recognition.

Recognize on social media: When the whole world is going gaga over social media, it is an innovative way to appreciate employees on the organization’s social media pages. Human resources consultancy professionals advise that appreciating and recognizing an employee’s work on social media will take the message instantly to several people following the account and thus the employee’s recognition is automatically noticed by many.

Monetary incentives: One of the most widely known and used methods of recognizing employees as per the best HR consultants is rewarding employees with monetary incentives. Who doesn’t like money and that too when it is coming in the form of a reward? Monetary incentives like a quarterly bonus, annual bonus, additional performance incentives, a share in the profits etc. are some of the tried and tested methods of recognition that would never fail to motivate employees.

There are a number of ways a person can be recognized and appreciated and whatever the method is chosen, the ultimate aim should be appreciating the work of an employee sincerely and honestly. The recognition given to an employee should motivate the employee and his/her peers to work hard and gain the same kind of recognition. Partner with Accuprosys, one of the best HR consulting firms to help you with your organization’s employee recognition procedures.