Domain Name Do’s and Don’ts to Remember

With numerous hosting companies and a world of options available to select a domain name, it is a challenging task for anybody to decide upon a domain name. Without proper knowledge and guidance from IT support and managed services experts, business owners may get overwhelmed with the several choices available and may eventually end up choosing an unfitting name for their domain. To avoid ending up with an unsuitable and disparate name for the business website, one has to remember some basic do’s and don’ts while selecting and registering a domain name.

The Do’s:
Include a keyword: IT consultants say that it is good to include a keyword related to the business in the domain name to make it show up at the top when a search with the particular keyword is made. Along with the keyword or even if keyword is not a part of the domain name; it helps if the location is mentioned in the domain name if the business primarily focuses on a geographic region.

Be the owner: Domain name is just like owning a property; it is advisable to register the domain in the business owner’s name and ensure that the owner is the administrative contact. IT support professionals and legal advisors strongly suggest the business owner owning the domain name as it is really helpful when there are any legal conflicts.

Renew registration: As recommended by the IT support and managed services businesses should remember to renew their domain name registrations regularly. Non-renewal of domain name registration may result in grave consequences such as sale of that domain name to some other website which ends up in loss of business and revenues.

The Don’ts:

Dashes: IT consultants advise not using dashes and abbreviations in the domain name as it makes it difficult for the internet users and customers to remember the name correctly. Domain name should always be simple yet catchy that reflects the business and is easy to remember and recollect.

History: With their experience, the IT support professionals strongly advocate the need to look for the history of the domain name. Website owners should not buy a domain name without checking its past to avoid any kind of legal complications in the future.

Contact information: One should never forget to update the contact information available with the domain name registrar. The registrar sends the updates for renewals and any other important information to the email address registered with the registrar so, website owners should never ignore or forget to update their contact information.

Towards building an effective and robust online presence registering an apt domain name is the first step and an integral part of brand development. It is a daunting task to choose a perfect domain name when the possibilities are endless. This is where IT consulting firms like Accuprosys can help the businesses to choose and register their domain names.